Attack of the Bilirubin!

Today was Mason’s 1 week check-up. The appointment was at 9 am, which was unfortunate since we’re currently on alternating where there is someone awake the entire night and then the whole house sleeps from about 10 am – 1 pm. Having to leave the house at 9 am kind of threw that schedule for a loop. Couple that with two newbies who take over an hour to get a baby ready to leave the house and sleep was not our friend today.

Over the weekend, Mason’s color had been getting worse and worse. Being that we were seeing him 24 hours a day, we found ourselves taking pictures and  comparing THOSE to make sure our eyes were not deceiving us. So, it came as no surprise that the doctor immediately ordered another bilirubin test for him and his levels were back up. She was so concerned that instead of letting us go home after the blood was drawn, she had us sit in the exam room and wait for over an hour for the results to come back.

And… the results were not good. There were two choices – hospitalize him or get a take-home bili-blanket and see if using that for a few days would help. Obviously, that choice was basically a no-brainer.

So, we had to go to a medical supply shop and pick up a bili-blanket (which is basically a flexible plastic sheet that emits a bright blue light that helps kill the bilirubin that straps on to the baby) and that took over half an hour. They had to explain everything out step by step despite the fact that we’d used one in the hospital (he’d use the blanket when he came to my recovery room for his feedings and be “on the beach” any time he wasn’t eating). The “blanket” needs to be plugged in and then has a huge electric box that creates the blue light and then a heavy cord runs from that to the blanket. It really makes moving him from room to room a big pain in the butt – heck, the weight of the cord makes even situating him in his bassinett a challenge. But, not as much of a challenge as having to see him in the hospital again would be….

We got home after 1:00 and we have to go back tomorrow and get another test ran. He’ll spend all day today naked on his blanket (don’t worry, we can wrap another blanket around him, but the bili-blanket has to make skin contact) and hopefully his levels will have dropped some by tomorrow. I don’t want to think about what the alternatives are….