Holy Dirty Diapers Batman!

Okay, I knew that babies went through a lot of diapers (one reason I was seriously interested in cloth diapering, although that ended up not being the route we went) but this is just ridiculous!

We are still using the tracking charts for feedings and diapers that the hospital uses (it basically breaks the day down into 24 1 hour segments and you mark down when the baby is fed and when the baby has a wet or dirty diaper) because it makes life a lot easier when both of us are so active in Mason’s care – no need to wake the other person up and ask “When was he last fed?” or “Do you know how long he’s been in that diaper?” because it’s all right on the sheet by his changing pad.

Well, because we’re tracking these things, it is even more obvious that holy cow do newborns go through diapers!! 14 wet diapers and 5 dirty diapers today! 16 diapers in one day!! (Some were wet AND dirty, most were just wet, some were just dirty) I totally don’t understand why anyone even BOTHERS buying the 40 pack of diapers – do they enjoy going to the store every 3 days?! The doctor said we should be watching to make sure he has at least 7 wet diapers and 3 dirty diapers a day, so I was expecting to be changing him 8-9 times a day – but 16!? Holy guacamole!!

And speaking of diapers, I find the fact that newborn (size O or N) diapers are MORE expensive than Size 1 diapers totally ridiculous! They are smaller! There are less in a package! The biggest package of Pampers or Huggies Newborn diapers that we can find (not including Sam’s Club, we haven’t had the courage to make that hour drive yet) is 84 diapers. Size 1? 216.  Yet, the 84 newborn diapers cost $20 where the 216 Size 1 diapers cost $39. Seriously, that strikes me as totally ridiculous! I understand that most people aren’t going to go THROUGH 216 newborn diapers before their little one grows out of them (I’m pretty sure we will *smirk* but the fact that smaller diapers cost more just doesn’t make sense to me….

Either way, it’s very clear that we have a pooping and peeing machine!