A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The month of March was unusually warm (upper 70s the entire time we were in the hospital – boy was that torture) and now that Mason is a few weeks old, I couldn’t wait to get him out in the stroller to enjoy some fresh air and the nice weather that had been taunting me. What a sight we must have been – two adults, two greyhounds, and one baby going for a walk. Okay, probably not THAT unusual, but considering none of our neighbors even had reason to believe we were expecting (tiny me + big winter coat = hidden belly) I think if anyone happened to be looking out their window when we walked by, they were surprised at what they saw. The dogs didn’t seem to even notice the stroller rolling along with them and Mason was sound asleep before we got too far from home. We didn’t go far (I’m really hoping that I get some energy back soon!) but it was a nice first family outing that didn’t involve a grocery store or Wal-mart!