Babies are Fickle

Mason definitely has a love hate relationship with his swing. As in, one day he loves it, the next day he hates it. For two days in a row, I am able to put him in his swing after (his) breakfast and he falls fast asleep and I’m able to eat breakfast and go back to sleep myself. The next day? I put him in his swing and he screams and cries. Pick him up and hold him and he’s fine. Put him back in the swing? Chaos. We try the routine again the next day and he hates the swing? The day after? No love. A few days later? The swing is a great place once again. It seems like just when you find something that you THINK works, you discover that it only works for that moment. You wouldn’t think babies would be so wishy washy with their opinions at this age! I bet you’re saying “Oh boy, do they have a lot to learn!”