What once was a cat room…

Mason’s bedroom used to be the cat room. That’s right, the cats used to have their own bedroom. When we bought this house, we had no intention of ever having kids and the room was decorated as a nursery. The cats moved from my parent’s house where they were used to being shut in the basement at night (I’m the world’s lightest sleeper and kitty shenanigans would keep me awake) so when they moved here, instead of going into the cold, dark, unfinished basement, they got their own bedroom furnished with cat beds, a papasaun chair, scratching posts, and a window seat. When we found out we were expecting, we knew the kitties would have to lose their bedroom. We had the carpets cleaned throughout the house in late August and kicked the cats out of their bedroom at this time and moved the litterbox downstairs. In the 8 months that followed, both cats would still sit outside the door to that room, just waiting to go back in. It was obvious they didn’t understand why after 6 years, they were no longer allowed in their room.

Well, once Mason was born, we no longer keep the door to the room shut and when we’re in there, the cats are free to come and go as they please. It’s very obvious that they enjoy being back in “their” room even though the scratching posts and cat beds have been replaced by a crib, bassinett, changing table, and other baby paraphenelia. Katze and I routinely fight over whose chair the rocking chair really is and when I win that battle, he’s more than happy to hang out on the floor while we feed the baby or I pump. Both cats have discovered a nearly empty (sans one receiving blanket) box under the crib and they are convinced we left it there just for them.

It’s nice having the company of the kitties while I wait for Mason to finish eating or the pump to stop pumping. They don’t seem to mind sharing their space with Mason either, which is very very good.