My New Morning Routine

So I’ve never been a morning person. My idea of “early rising” is about 9:30 am. Of course I knew having a baby would change this, but I don’t think I realized how much!

My morning routine prior to Mason
Hit snooze several times
Get out of bed and get dressed
Brush teeth, comb hair, etc
Grab breakfasty type things (granola bars, banana, etc) to eat at work
Rush out the door 2 minutes too late

My NEW morning routine
Wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off (which is set MUCH earlier
Get up and get half dressed (I learned quickly not to wear a top that I minded getting puke on around the Little Man)
Brush my teeth and take vitamins
Take the dogs out
Eat a bowl of cereal
Get pumping supplies
Wake Mason and change his diaper
Feed the baby
Burp and get puked on by the baby
Feed the baby some more
Listen as Mason fills his diaper with much fanfare
Change the diaper
Feed the baby some more and place him in his little chair when he starts to nod off
Wrap him up and hope he sleeps good for Daddy
Finish getting dressed and comb hair
Leave for work with several minutes to spare

And just think, in a few weeks, getting the baby ready for daycare and dropping him off there will be added to my routine. Yikes….