Garage Sale-ing Highs & Lows

Today I went on my second “Yard Sale-ing for Mason” voyage and brought home 6 outfits for $2.25 as well as a little Fisher Price activity gym for $3. It was Barron’s big “City Wide Garage Sales” so I’d cut out basically every ad in the paper that mentioned infant or baby and loaded up the GPS and off I went. I do have to say, given my past poor luck garage saling (I can never find the places – the signs lead me out to the middle of nowhere, I swear!) that the GPS is definitely the way to go! It only took me to the wrong house once and that was because the garage sale I was intending to go to had totally closed down and the house right next door happened to also be having a sale. Guess that probably wasn’t the GPSs fault.

I do have to say that a lot of people are just plain GROSS and/or totally out of touch with reality. I went to one sale where every single item of clothing was horribly stained. I’m not talking one little stain, but spot after spot after spot. That I could see in a poorly lit garage. AND the people still wanted $2.00 for each item. And they were individually priced, so it wasn’t like there was just a “Baby Clothes $2/each” sign up and they didn’t realize the condition of the items! I totally felt dirty after digging through the mound of clothes. I realize that babies throw up/poop on their clothes ALL the time and that stains are inevitiable, but turning around and trying to sell something that needs to be thrown in the trash? Nope, I don’t get that! I also saw lots of filthy toys – like “I’ve been chewed on, used by 6 kids, and then stored in the garage for five years” filthy and a lot of times the people wanted nearly retail prices! I know that baby stuff is expensive and it sucks to “lose” money on it once the kid grows out of it, but you have to be realistic! Plus, getting $2 for that $30 item that your kids got a LOT of use out of is still better than what’s gonna happen when you throw a $25 price tag on it – people are going to assume you’re nuts and it’s going in the trash or to Goodwill (where they will throw it away) after your sale is over.

Did I mention it was SNOWING heavily on and off the entire time I was out and about? Yep, that’s right – we’re two weeks into MAY and it was snowing. Ugh.

Either way, I got to get out of the house for a few hours, got a few good buys, some fresh (albeit cold) air, a good story or two, and came home feeling that my trip was a definite success! If I keep it up at this rate, this kid is going to be clothed through his second birthday for under $100 LOL