What a Good Sleeper!

I hope I don’t curse us by writing this post, but Mason is such a good sleeper!! For two nights in a row now, he’s basically slept through the entire night! Wahoo!!

We put him down for bed at 11 pm and generally P wakes him up some time during the night (between 3 and 4 am) and feeds and changes him. Sometimes Mason wakes up first and alerts us, but usually P wakes him first because we’ve learned that if we wake him up to eat, he’s WAY happier than if HE wakes up and realizes he’s hungry. So P wakes him up and feeds him and he falls right back asleep and sleeps until I get him up in the morning (or around 7:30 am, whichever is first)

Well, on Friday night, P was just too tired to stay up until his usual 4 am, so he came to bed around 1 and I said that I’d get up and feed him during the night. Well, at 5:45, he still hadn’t woken up!! I got up to give my boobs some relief and he started waking up while I was pumping, so I fed him and put him back to bed! I was able to crawl back in bed myself until about 9:30 am. Yay!!  So Friday night he slept solidly from 11 pm – 5:50 am without any issues and we tried this again Saturday night and he went until about 6:30! Wahoo!!!!

It’s really a trial and error thing because like I said, if he wakes up on his own, he’s one unhappy angry screaming baby that takes forever to calm back down, but if we wake him up, he’ll go back to sleep relatively easily. So it’s hard to know where to draw the line of “Wow, if we didn’t wake him, maybe he’d sleep till 8!” and then find out that nope, 6:37 was his limit and now we have a crabby baby and no chance of anyone getting back to bed anytime soon.

BUT, not complaining! I know that a LOT of the moms on the “born in March” message board are still waking up to feed every 2-3 hours all night every night! Even the one feeding a night on our time schedule (and not his) is a MUCH better alternative than that!

We’ll probably wake him up again tonight to feed him (because honestly, I’m spoiled and don’t want to have to get up at 5:30 am to deal with a screaming baby on a work morning – I much prefer my alarm clock… it plays music) but it’s really exciting knowing a full night of sleep is a possibility and I’m guessing we’ll try it again next weekend!

Off to knock on some wood….