Shopping Day!

Little by little, we’re getting better at living our “normal” lives despite having a little pooping peeing crying boy who takes half an hour to get ready to leave the house. Today, instead of waiting to use our valuable couple time (with Grandma watching the Little Man) running errands and going grocery shopping, we decided to do those things BEFORE she came so we could enjoy the nice weather and go for a 4-wheeler ride!

So, we got him all dressed up (because what better occasion to wear his fancy duds than a day out on the town) and went shoe shopping (for Dad) and then grocery shopping. Mason was a trooper the entire time – didn’t make a peep at the shoe store, Wal-mart, or the grocery store. Didn’t beg to ride the mechanical pony or scream when we wouldn’t buy him a toy or anything *har har har*

Then we brought him home to Grandma and took off and spent the afternoon riding the 4wheeler in the nice 75 degree weather.

An awesome day was had by all, including our handsome dressed up little man!