Baby Wearing

Ever since Mason was a little glimmer on the ultrasound, I’ve been interested in baby-wearing. I liked the idea of not having to cart his carseat around and having two hands free to do things while he was close. Since he was born, that idea became even more appealing because when he’s laying on my lap for a long period of time, my legs fall asleep and that’s not any fun!

We waited awhile to try the Peanut Shell that my friend loaned us (because Mason just seemed SO small!)  and when I finally got brave enough, it seems like he doesn’t fit right in there. I’m going to wait until he’s a bit bigger so we can try it in a different “hold” as the newborn cradle just seems so uncomfortable. I’m well aware that I probably should try it again since of course I shouldn’t have expected the first time to be perfect.

Since then, I’ve been stalking Moby Wraps (oh so popular) and Baby Bjorns (oh so expensive) on eBay. I finally won a Moby Wrap (currently in in the mail) and won a well worn Bjorn that showed up today.

The verdict? I like it!! Granted, I haven’t had much luck sitting down with him in it (I seem too short – his little legs get all crunched up!) but I walked around the yard with him in it and he cooed and did happy shrieks the entire time, so that’s a big plus. He also vommited MAJORLY within the first two minutes of being in it (which was GREAT fun – having a baby strapped to your chest puking and puking some more – needless to say, we both changed clothes after that!) so I got some practice getting him in and out.

I am now stalking a newer nicer one (I only paid $4 for this one and it has the older style snaps and looks like it’s been used for five kids) on eBay, but so far, I definitely approve of this style of baby-wearing. And realize the need for a better camera phone!