Daycare Day Four

Well, daycare didn’t go as well today as it did yesterday. He got more sleep than he did on Tuesday at least, but still only got about 3 hours of sleep. I’m always happy when I show up and he’s wearing the same clothes as he was in the morning, but today as soon as he saw me, he threw up on himself. It was kind of funny in a “Stan sees Wendy” on Southpark moment. When I looked at his sheet, I learned he had another first at school – he drank a 5 oz bottle! I was kind of shocked because he’s NEVER had anywhere close to that amount (he’s used to 2.5 t0 3 oz bottles at home, with an occassional 4 oz bottle.

At first, I was like “Oh my god, have we been depriving him all this time with our tiny bottles we’ve been giving him? Then I realized that no, he’s almost 12 pounds and Dr. L had even said “Well, you’re obviously not having any feeding problems!” And now as the night has went on, I’m thinking that was just too much – he’s thrown up every single time I’ve touched him!! We’ve both went through multiple outfits (well, t-shirts for me) and he seems pretty miserable. I can’t decide if I’m going to say something tomorrow – I don’t want to be the freaky demanding parent (since I’ve made it clear that I’m open to their advice on everything since I am totally clueless on all this stuff AND I know a lot of babies on the March baby board ARE regularily drinking 5-6 oz bottles) but I don’t want him to be getting overfed either. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll see how tomorrow goes, if they feed him 15+ oz again (up until today he usually ate 9-10 oz during the day) and he is this pukey tomorrow night, I’m going to make it clear that it’s just too much for him.

He was chilling out in the side swing when I came. I’m glad he likes it so much – too bad we don’t have one at home!