Missing the Firsts

So I never really understood all the women who chose to be stay at home moms so they wouldn’t miss “the firsts” – you know, the fear that your child will take his first steps in daycare, utter her first words to the baby-sitter and not you, that whole thing. My thought was “Well, there will be more steps! The first steps YOU see will be just as magical!” but now I’m starting to understand. As I see the babies bouncing in the exersaucers or view the 0-2 playground as I pull out of the parking lot, I realized that Mason more than likely will have his first time playing in an exersaucer while at daycare. His first trip down a slide – at the daycare. Etc. etc. etc.  And much to my shock, that makes me really sad.

I’m trying to let that sadness work to our advantage – all the more reason to embrace the time we have to spend with him in the evenings and on weekends.