Grocery Shopping Sunday

As we usually do on Sunday, we went grocery shopping. Mason hates getting strapped into his car seat, but once he’s in the car and going, he’s one happy little boy. Going also includes the stroller and shopping carts on most days. Today we took the stroller into the grocery store instead of using two carts and that worked pretty well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pushing a stroller in there, but oh well, maybe we’ll be trendsetters!

We did have one woman stop and try to grab Mason’s shoe – she stopped me and said “Oh my god, I love those shoes!” and I thought to myself  “She cannot POSSIBLY be talking about MY shoes…” when I realized that we’d thrown shoes on Little Man. She tried to do the lovely “stranger pokes and prods your baby” thing that I hear so much about, so I thanked her and scooted down the isle.

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful trip. Getting easier and easier to take him out and about like this, so that is a MAJOR plus.

After we got home, the temperature dropped nicely (it was raining) so we had a chance to stick him in some warmer clothes that he is threatening to grow out of without us ever having a chance to wear. So union suit for play time it was! You’ll see he’s upgraded to TWO toys in his pack and play now, although his blue dog is still by far his favorite.