Moby Wrap

After several weeks of chasing a Moby Wrap on eBay (where 90% of them go for full retail price when you count in shipping charges!!) and then never receiving the one I did win (first time in 11 years that I’ve EVER had any eBay issues!)  and then begging people on Minnesota Craigslist to sell and mail me theirs (yes, I now see it would have just been easier to pony up the $40 right away and buy one on Amazon…) we FINALLY got a Moby Wrap!

The weather isn’t cooperating for me to try it out (yesterday it was 90 and today it is pouring) but I had to at least try it out in the house. It isn’t nearly as complicated to put on as I was hoping (Granted, I did watch the video first!) and the first thing I noticed was that it seems way less straining on my back.  P watched me wrap myself up and I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a bit insane. Oh well, he should have figured that out by now!

Can’t wait to take the little guy for a walk with it tomorrow!


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