Physical Therapy

Mason had his first physical therapy appointment today. I haven’t wrote about this before, but he doesn’t ever look to the left. He keeps his head straight forward or to the right at all times. It doesn’t matter what is off to his left, whether it’s me or a bright light or a toy, he just doesn’t ever look over that way.

At his 2 month checkup, his pediatrician said that his muscle in his neck is tight and it’s a vicious circle – he doesn’t use it and stretch it out so it doesn’t get better and since it doesn’t get better, he doesn’t use it. She gave us a referral for PT and also some stretches to do. That was two weeks ago and we’ve already noticed some difference – he’s occassionally look to the left on his own, but still very obviously prefers the right.

So, physical therapy today. The doctor felt we’d done a great job un-tightening the muscle and at this point, the problem is more due to his head shape than musclar – his head is flatter on the right, and therefore, way more comfortable to lie on than the rounded shape on the left, especially since the left is now overly round to compensate for the flatter right. She said as far as mis-shaped heads, a score of 8-12 is moderately mis-shaped and his is a 12. At first, she mis-measured and said he was at a 16, which freaked me out since he doesn’t look disfigured or anything!

We were shown how to better do the stretch we’ve been doing, a new way to carry him that we’re supposed to use basically all the time, instructed to not let him look to the right as much as possible, and to be giving him an hour of tummy time minimum every day (can be broken up into 60 1 minute sessions if necessary) and do his stretches at least 5 times a day.

Mason passed out as soon as he was put on the big baby therapy cushion and proceeded to sleep through the entire appointment, stretches and all. Me? I left in a puddle of anxiety. 60 minutes of tummy time when it seems like some days, we don’t get any in? (Traditional tummy time, that is – he gets a lot of “on us” tummy time) He hates to be carried the one way, he hates tummy time, and I’ve been proud when I’ve remembered to do his stretches just  twice a day, and he absolutely HATES when we prop him so he can’t look to the right.

Right now, I feel like we’re going to get him home after work (5 pm) and basically torture him until he goes to bed. I KNOW it’s for his own good and I KNOW we need to do it, but a crying screaming miserable baby every night all night does not sound like much fun. Especially when she said that it will take 3-4 months for it to totally correct itself.

Anyone have any ear plugs?