Out to Eat

My friends forced me to try to go back into the real world today – we went to Perkins and Mason came with. P and I have sadly had him no where but the grocery store/Wal-mart/Menards so far because of our “fear” of him going into a fifteen minute screaming fit at somewhere that isn’t easy to make a fast exist. Yes, we realize babies cry and that other people know this, but there is just something about a screaming baby that brings the fun of dining waaaay down.

I’m glad to report that throughout our trip to Perkins, which was nearly 3 hours long (what can I say, us girls hadn’t seen each other for several months!), Mason was a champ! He drank his bottle halfway through lunch even though it wasn’t warm enough for his liking and the tiny bit of fussing he did was solved with his Nuk.

All in all, a great lunch. Granted, I’m now convinced he’s used up all his good behavior (and all my luck) on this trip but I’m glad I got to spend some time with my girls and didn’t “waste” a baby-sitting Grandma for the occassion.