We Swore We’d Never…

We’re coming up on being a quarter of the way through Mason’s first year, and while I went into this with no baby experience, just book knowledge, there was a lot of things I’d swore I/we would never do as parents. And three months in, well, a lot of those have gone to the wind!

  • Wouldn’t give him a bottle before he was 3 weeks old – the books recommend 6 weeks, our lactation consultant said 3 weeks minimum. Yeah, well, they gave him a bottle at the hospital, he continued to breastfeed okay, and I quickly realized how very very nice it was to have P feed him at night while I slept. So he’s had both breast and bottle from day one.
  • Wouldn’t give him a pacifier before 6 weeks – again, I was worried about nipple confusion and again, they gave him one at the hospital
  • Wouldn’t have a crib bumper in his crib – the first time we put him down for a nap in his crib, it became obvious that even barely mobile, it was a “oh my god, my hand is stuck between theses slats!” scream waiting to happen. We bought a mesh breathable one
  • Wouldn’t buy “new” things for him (except for crib, car seat, diapers, etc) – Well, after looking for weeks and weeks, I had zero luck finding a used crib mirror and a used car mirror. The thrift of getting stuff at garage sales was being outweighed by spending 2-3 hours garage saling every weekend when it took 10 minutes in Evil Wal-mart to end the quest.
  • The dogs would never ever ever be in the same room with him without us being inches away. While we haven’t thrown caution to the wind by any means, we’re not nearly as cautious and diligent as I thought we would have to be. The dogs don’t even look twice at him. He’ll be in his chair sleeping and they’ll be five feet away sleeping and no one cares that the other is there. Even if he’s screaming his head off, they don’t even look up. The only real worry I have is them accidentally stepping on him during tummy time, so we gate off the room then. LOL
  • I swore we’d experiment with diapers – trying all the generic brands to find the cheapest possible option that would work. After a few nightmare soaked clothes of both babies and parents, we quickly learned that this sort of experimentation sucks! Pampers Swaddlers works really well for Mason, so that’s what we’ll buy.
  • We’d read to him every day – Yeah, this hasn’t even come close to happening. This is the only one that I’m kind of upset about, but I still have every intention of reading to him and just plan on doing it more often when he seems to care a teeny bit more about what’s going on around him. Right now, I think we talk to him enough to make up for the fact that I’m not reading “Good Night Gorilla” every night.

So, that list isn’t too horribly long, but I’m sure it will grow as he gets older. I’m happy to say very few of these things cause me any of the dreaded “Mommy Guilt” which is a definite plus. I find that in too many other sources to have to add all these to that list!