Mobile Love

There really seems to be nothing that Mason likes more than staring at his mobile. After reading all the good reviews, we ended up getting the Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-1 Projection Mobile which has the traditional spinning animals as well as a projector that projected images on the mobile canopy (and for when he’s older, the ceiling) and while I wasn’t sure about spending the extra money for the whole projection thing, it was WELL worth it. He absolutely LOVES it. Several different animals float on by as the music softly plays (a melodius heartbeat for bedtime, otherwise fun jungle songs or Mozart for napping or “please lay in your crib for a bit” time) and every so often, he screeches in total baby happiness – smiling and doing his little half laugh, half scream. We’ve figured out that it’s the lion and the giraffe that tickle his fancy. Some days, we can restart the mobile (it goes for 20 minutes before shutting down) 2 or 3 times before he gets sick of it. It’s so cute to see him so happy and excited about his jungle friends!