First Sleepover!

Tonight Mason is having his first sleepover! He is going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa B for the night because we’re leaving early in the morning to go to a greyhound festival about two hours away and we’ll be gone ALLLLL day long. Grandma B is very excited!

I was amused that I’ve packed more for him for his 24 hour stay than I do for an entire weekend for myself.

20 diapers
2 pairs of pajamas
two warm weather outfits
one cool weather outfit
one back-up onesie
two receiving blankets
three pairs of socks
one rolled up “don’t turn to the right” blanket
pack & play
lots of milk
sun hat
three bibs
one changing mat
one weenie-cover rag
two burpcloths
And I STILL feel like I’m forgetting something….

It’s times like these when a real authentic diaper bag would come in handy (the bag we currently use is a messenger bag that fits a few diapers, an outfit, a travel wipes, and a blanket)

I’m amazingly not worried at all about his big adventure. I know he’s in good (and very cautious!) hands and I’m really looking forward to not waking up at 3:45 and 5:20 am!!! Counting down the minutes until I can go to bed and sleep in (til 7 am anyway LOL)