He Survived!

Mason survived his first sleepover! (Not that I doubted he would!) We brought him there at about 7:15 and stayed until nearly 8:30. At 8 he was fussing for his bottle (pretty normal) and then fell asleep before they could get it warmed up. We left shortly after that and I guess he ended up waking up and drinking his bottle and then staying awake til about 10, which is LATE for him! But that’s okay.

He slept until nearly 6 am which makes me pretty jealous! We arrived to pick him up around 6:30 and he was way too busy laughing and smiling at his Grandpa to even care that we were there. One of their cats had been pretty interested in him (even jumping up on the side of the pack and play), so that was kind of funny since their cats are normally super shy! Guess they realized he was a little animal lover in the making!

He managed to do a sneak fire hose attack during a diaper change and yakked on two outfits, but other than that, he was a model visitor!

They made it clear that he can come spend the night any time and we’ll certainly be taking them up on their offer!