New Playgym + eBay Blathering

Mason is his new playgym. I’m pretty sure he approves!


On a sidenote, this was item two in my crazy bad eBay luck. I’ve been using eBay for EONS and never had any issues with sellers, but twice in a week I had problems!! Back in early May, I won 4 items within a few days. Two of the items showed up promptly and the other two did not. I e-mailed the sellers and didn’t hear back. Waited another week, e-mailed them again and never heard back. Filed a complaint with eBay (eBay gives them 7 days to respond to the complaint) and never heard back. Then, two days after I got my refund, I received the item (a Moby Wrap) in the mail.

THEN, two days later, I filed a complaint with eBay on the other item (this baby gym), the seller never responded, and I got another refund. A few days later, I got an e-mail from that seller apologizing because her mother was dying and she’d not been online. That’s understandable and fine – nice of her to let me know that she just wasn’t a total deadbeat. Well, guess what came in the mail on Monday? That’s right, the baby gym. I had mailed the Moby Wrap back (because I don’t need two) – I was tempted to keep it as kind of a “screw you and your poor communication and shipping skills but I’m too nice for that. I’m keeping the baby gym and will just resend her her money, especially since she sent me ANOTHER e-mail apologizing again and saying her mother is now in hospice care.

I guess in over 10 years of eBaying, I’d rather have problems like this (got a refund and THEN got the item) than some of the stories I hear about. Anyway, Mason likes his Baby Gym and is happy I bought a different Moby Wrap instead of waiting for the eBay one to show up in the mail a month late.

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  1. Brenda Post author

    Oh, this took me back! Back to Jack’s baby days! We used a baby play gym quite late in his babyhood, but he loved it! We borrowed a friends, actually, and returned it to her for her next baby. But those things are indestructible.

    Yes, surprised, too about your ebay experience.

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