Bumbo Time

I never knew about the bumbo chair (and many other baby gadgets for that matter) until my friend Lori had a baby (Her blog actually played a big part in me deciding to have a wee one of my own, but that’s a story for another day). Now, we’re using a Bumbo chair of our own nearly every day to help Mason work on his neck strength.

And as a way to accomplish a photo shoot without two people or endless “baby on his back” photos!

I love the last picture, he totally looks like a little old man saying “Well back in my day…” to me!

6 thoughts on “Bumbo Time

  1. Charla @ Healthy Home Blog Post author

    Your baby is so cute! 🙂 Our daughter used a Bumbo seat with both of their babies (boys now ages 14 months and nearly 3).
    Glad you stopped by and joined the fun at our Friendly Friday blog hop! 🙂

  2. Mama Hen Post author

    What cute pictures! Hey there! I am here from Friday Follow! You have a new follower! Have a great 4th of July! Come and visit me at Mama’s Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  3. JDaniel4's Mom Post author

    What a cutie! My friends have these and love them. Stopping from Mom Loop!

  4. Holly Post author

    Cute Pix! I learned about the BUMBO chair from our daughter when she borrowed one from her friend for her son’s photo shoot. Being a photographer, I think I should invest in one!!

    Don’t get caught up in what everyone says about what week is what for your cutie. I found all 4 of my babies so different and you just take it a day at a time and cherish each moment. They develop at different rates with different personalities…. and it’s ALL GOOD! ((HUGS))

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