Busy Days

I remember when Mason was about two months old and suddenly I realized I had no clue what I was supposed to do with him other than feed him and burp him and change his diaper. I sent my friend (who happens to be a nanny) a frantic text message that said “Mason is awake and has been fed and his diaper is dry. Now what in the world do I do with him?!” His transition from a baby who did nothing but sleep and eat to one that was awake and wanted company was a bit rough for me since I was (and still am in some ways) TOTALLY clueless about babies. After laughing her butt off, she sent me a list of things I could do with him.

Now, not quite two months later, that’s pretty much a non-issue. Our days (especially week days) are filled. We’ve got to get in a few rounds of tummy time and bumbo time, there are stretches to be done (ugh, more about stretches in a future entry *sigh*), toys to grab at, vibrating chairs to be played in, books to be read aloud, (stuffed) puppies to chew on, and if the weather is not too hot, walks to be had. Heck, if he takes a nap after daycare, I sometimes don’t have time to get his entire evening “to do” list done.

A far cry from my desperate cry from help a few months back. We’re learning. Together.

5 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. imperfect momma Post author

    🙂 I remember those days of holy crap…he’s awake now what do I do? LOL and I agree with you…how are we supposed to fill in all that developmental stuff?

  2. amy Post author

    Just ran across your blog. I have an 8 month old little boy and love to read about others with babies close to his age. Sounds like you are genuine in your posts and I can relate. Hope you’ll check out my blog as well.

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