4 Months Old!

On Friday, my little man turned 4 months old! He goes to the doctor on Monday afternoon, so I should have his stats that night, but until then, let’s celebrate 4 months!

As a four month old, he is:

  • obsessed with staring at his hands. they are SO interesting
  • still loves his blue puppy dog but also is into his Lamaze colorful toys too
  • wearing 3-6 month shirts and onsies
  • wearing 0-3 month pants – they’re starting to get snug, but 3-6 is still way too long and big
  • On his last box of Pampers size 1-2 diapers
  • Loves to bring stuff up to his mouth. His favorite are rags and his t-shirts
  • Makes a high pitched shriek when he’s happy
  • Eating 3 – 4 5 oz bottles at daycare
  • starting to become wild on the changing table. He LOVES kicking his legs
  • going to bed at 9 pm and sleeping until close to 7 am (THANK YOU!!)
  • is starting to prefer being held sitting up as opposed to being cradled or laying on his back
  • still loves his vibrating chair and side-swing at daycare, but hates the front-back swing at home
  • Starting to self wean off his Nuk – he’ll take it at bedtime but doesn’t want it during the day. He can spit it several feet!
  • Enjoys his baby gym and Bumbo chair and doesn’t hate tummy time as much
  • Gets visits from both Grandmas every weekend
  • Loves hearing speedboat, pffffbbbttt, or pig oinking human-made noises.
  • Hates having his clothes changed and would prefer to stay nakey
  • Loves hanging on to plastic “links” but if there are too many together he hits himself in the face with them
  • Smiles like crazy at everyone
  • Finally starting to grow some hair!

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