A Very Tired Tot

Mason fell asleep in his vibrating chair around 6:30 last night. No big deal, I find it GREAT when he takes about an hour nap in the evening and as long as I wake him up before 8, he has no problem with his 9:00 bedtime.

Well, he was still sound asleep when I decided that this would be a *very bad thing* if he didn’t get up soon. So I changed his diaper. And he slept. And I fed him. And he slept. (Oh how I wish I could eat in my sleep. That would be glorious). So finally, I gave up and let him sleep.

I laid awake in bed at about 4 am, unable to fall back asleep after pumping, just knowing he would be awake any minute (he normally sleeps 10 hours). While I tossed and turned, he slept peacefully.

Guess who I had to WAKE UP at 7:10???

Holy nearly 13 hours of sleep Batman!!

Poor little man must have been tired!!

(Sleepy tot picture was actually taken Friday night after Grandma put him to bed – hence the no swaddle and head to the right, which was fixed as soon as I took the picture. Either way, cute sleepy baby!!)

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