Good Thoughts Welcomed

I know that there are many many many little babies out there in much worse shape than Mason and the issues we’re dealing with with his head shape are tiny in comparison to all the horrible things other mothers are going through. Well aware of that and we’re thankful every day that his issues, as big as they seem to us, are tiny in the scheme of things.

Tomorrow afternoon we go to yet another physical therapy appointment for Mason’s head and neck and if he hasn’t had some positive progress, we’ll be referred to a specialist who is 2-3 hours away. Just seeing the specialist means taking time off of work, finding a dogsitter, and paying for daycare that we’re not using and then who knows what will happen from there (Helmet, headband, etc etc). While we’ll obviously do it in a heartbeat if that’s what it comes to, I’d really LOVE to be able to just continue with his positional therapy (aka propping him so he can’t lay with his head to the right, doing stretches at every diaper change) and not have it go beyond that, but I’m not very optimistic. I feel like we’ve had way less success keeping his head turned properly while he’s sleeping (bigger muscles means more fight!) and last time when I thought we’d kicked this things butt, there was no progress at all.

So anyway, we’d really appreciate it if his internet friends could send a bunch of good thoughts for his head has made even 1 mm of positive change. That’s all we need to keep on the road we’re on and avoid more severe methods of correction. With all the sleep I’ve lost over this (I lay in bed wondering if I should get up and check to make sure his head is turned to the left) I could really use some good news!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Edited on Monday night to add: 2 mm better! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Good Thoughts Welcomed

  1. shawntae Post author

    Ah that is crazy! I hope everything goes good with the physical therapist! Poor little man and mommy that has to be hard. I can tell your an amazing mommy though just keep your head up!

    Love ya XoXo

  2. Christa Post author

    Sending you and Mason good thoughts and vibes? Do you read Life in The Dub Lane? Her lil man K had to wear a Helmet. I hope it doesn’t come to that but if it does you can always have her decorate it! It was freaking adorable!

  3. Jessica Anne Post author

    I hope everything goes well. One of my nephew’s had a helmet. It really wasn’t bad at all. He didn’t notice it at all, didn’t have to wear it too long (a few months) and it worked to correct the problem. Whatever the outcome, he will be just fine.

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