Another Picnic

Last Sunday, Mason and I were going to have lunch with his Auntie Sarah, but something came up so since we were in town already, I figured we’d have a little Mommy & Son picnic since the one the day before had went so well. Since it was so spur of the moment, Mason dined on milk and I had fries and a smoothie.

It was a day that was too chilly in the shade and too warm in the sun and where we finally ended up landing, poor Mason kept being blinded by Mr. Sun. Being the smart little man he is, he quickly learned that his bib could double as a sun shield! It was pretty amusing, but in hindsight, didn’t really make for very good pictures. Oh well!

We checked out the water fountain (Mason was not very amused) and played in the grass. I learned that tummy time in the grass definitely ISN’T the solution to our tummy time woes. Dang it! Afterwards, we did a little shopping and then went home, both badly in need of a nap. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon :o)


10 thoughts on “Another Picnic

  1. shawntae Post author

    Please say you dipped your fries in your smoothie. That is the best part!! Kingston didn’t like the grass for awhile but he loves it now. Hopefully your little man will too

  2. Beth Post author

    Cute blog! I’m following you from Relax & Surf Sunday. Please stop by and follow me back!

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