6 Months Old!!!

Look how far we’ve come!!

Today, as of 6:37 am, Mason is 6 whole months old. 6 months!! That’s just amazing to me. We survived! We’re both in one piece! He’s thriving! I occasionally sleep! Woohoo!!!

In the last month:

  • His Jumperoo has become his favorite spot to be
  • It’s his favorite thing to do at daycare too
  • He wears mostly 6-9 month clothing but still can fit into some 3-6 month
  • He’s still in size 2 diapers (a week in size 2-3 resulted in way more poopy laundry than anyone wanted to deal with!)
  • Developed an awful cough (that he still has!!) and had his first x-ray
  • Is still riding in his car seat on his stroller, even though every week we swear we’re going to get the straps adjusted in the stroller (de ja vu anyone?? *blush*)
  • Went on his first “Mommy and Me” picnic
  • He’s still not sitting up for more than a few seconds unsupported, but we’re working on it!
  • His feet are still VEEERRRYYY interesting
  • We’ve introduced (and in some cases reintroduced) him to some of his harder plastic toys. So far he hasn’t maimed himself with them.
  • Loves to laugh when the other babies at daycare cry (Future bully? Eh oh!!)
  • Can roll from his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy like a pro but really hasn’t used this to his advantage very much
  • Sometimes only takes one nap at daycare. Those evenings are rough
  • Is getting much better at grasping things and picking them up. Including things he shouldn’t, like CDs. Oops.
  • Has perfected the “Arch my back and wail” drama routine when you put him somewhere he’d rather not be (MamaRoo or his vibrating chair usually)
  • Had another sleepover at Grandma B’s and got to hang out at the cafe with Grandma J.
  • Is still totally smitten with Daddy and the dogs.

His 6 month doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week, but I’m GUESSING he’s close to 17 pounds now. Go go power Mommy Milk!! (But really, he can stop growing any time now – I’m sick of this “Cram him in this kind of small outfit so he can at least wear it ONCE” thing that we keep having to do!)

Stay tuned for his 6 month pictures tonight!!

12 thoughts on “6 Months Old!!!

  1. Cole Post author

    Aww, yay Mason – happy 6 month-day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really loved my Jumperoo, too, but now I’d rather be free to run on my own. Are you going to try solid food soon?

  2. Sara Post author

    Happy half birthday lovie!

    I know how you feel about the clothes. Pie has had more things than I would like to count that she had outgrown by the time I had washed them and got them ready to wear. So frustrating!

  3. Kerry McCullough Post author

    This is too weird- I have the same little Irish outfit and honestly, I looked at that picture and did a double take. It looks like my little guy! In that same position and everything. No hair, big blue eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I hear ya on the growing thing- I’ve had to buy Niall new clothes every single month for the last 10 months!

  4. Gina Post author

    I have three boys, and have passed down every stitch of clothing that wasn’t ruined. There are STILL things that have never been worn, because the boys grow too darn fast.

  5. sofia Post author

    Gotta love the arm on the last photo! both my boys do that too, specially while siting in the grocery store cart!

    Found you over @ FF. I’m your new follower! Come visit and follow back!

    From PDX with Love

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