15 thoughts on “And you thought turning 40 was hard….

  1. allie Post author

    bahahaha! i love these. crying baby pictures seriously melt my heart!

    thank you so much for thinking of me and sending positive thoughts out for my friend stacie. it was so good to hear from you after her death, it’s nice to know that people actually care…you know?

    so much love to you and 6 month old!!!! mason.

  2. Shannon Post author

    How precious! Happy six months! My lil’ is nearly 14 months and I can’t get her to stay still for a second! Picture taking has gotten harder and harder!

  3. Lenore Post author

    So cute! Haha… Found you on the Sunday Blog hop!We’re your newest follower! We are looking forward to exploring your blog some more–it looks fun!
    Come visit us when you have the chance!


  4. april Post author

    following you from relax and surf, i would love a follow back πŸ™‚ loving your blog! isn’t it great how everything is THE END OF THE WORLD with our little babies… love these pictures!


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