Mason Goes Geocaching!

On Saturday, Mommy, Daddy, and I went for a long ride down colorful roads (it’s fall here and the leaves are very colorful!) and met up with a bunch of other people (Daddy’s work friends) and their kids at a campground. Apparently people like to move into little houses in the woods for the weekend? There was a fire and two funny dogs, so I thought that was pretty swell.

After everyone fawned over me for a while (the kids especially – EVERYONE wanted to hold me – I kept giving Daddy the “Help me!” look but he ignored it! Hmph!) we got back into the car and drove further in the woods to do something called Geocaching. I’ll let my mommy explain what that is –

Geoacaching is GPS “Treasure Hunting.” Someone hides a container (ranging in size from a pill bottle to a 5 gallon bucket) somewhere they think is neat whether it be near something scenic or a not-well-known park and they post it’s GPS coordinates on Gecoaching’s website. The container, if not tiny, is full of “treasures” and people can take an item if they leave an item behind. GPS is only accurate to about 20 feet, so it can lead you to the general area but then the hunt is on – is it up in the tree? Is it under those rocks? It’s a great family activity and can really lead you to some beautiful unknown locations. Anyway, back to Mason’s story.

So Mommy and Daddy weren’t really thinking when they decided that Saturday should be my first trip out in the woods! I mean, I’ve been around for six and a half months, you think they would have done this before it got so chilly out!! (it was 44º when we set out!) Everyone kept calling me “Rudoph the Red Nose Baby” and then would laugh. I don’t know who Rudolph is, but it’s not very nice to laugh at me!

Anyway, we walked in the woods and I saw lots of colorful trees and the doggies (not my dogs) ran and barked and played. It was fun to watch them. I was wearing a silly hat and it kept covering my eyes. I’d try to use that as an excuse to take a nap, but every time I would doze off, Mommy would fix my hat and then it was too bright for sleepy time!

Me and my silly hat

Here was our first destination. The adults thought it was pretty – me? I just see a bunch of rocks and leaves. Big deal!

We never did find that first treasure box. Those silly adults searched and searched. The dogs swam in a water hole (BRRRR!!!) and one of the bigger kids fell in the mud. I was pretty happy Mommy basically stayed put because I didn’t want to go swimming!! Here is Me and Mommy heading out of the woods after they finally gave up searching.

Mommy was really tired after our several mile walk into the woods so Daddy carried me to the second treasure. This was a much shorter walk and there were no rocks or hills this time, so Mommy says he got the easier end of the deal, whatever that means. I’m always easy! We found the second Treasure Box right away! Here I am with my first Geocache

Mommy wouldn’t let me play with any of the toys inside. Something about not being “safe” for babies and how I would eat them. It’s not my fault I was hungry by then!!

The third one was my favorite.  I got carried by one of the other kids’ Mommys and we sang all the way to the treasure. I like to sing, especially when someone will sing with me!

After that, we headed out of the colorful woods and home to see Grandma J. I slept allllllllll the way home. All that fresh air does a baby good!

7 thoughts on “Mason Goes Geocaching!

  1. Cole Post author

    Geocaching sounds like so much fun! My Daddy likes hiking and camping, so he’d probably really enjoy it – and maybe Mommy would, too, even though she’s generally more of an indoor kind of girl. And there’s your mommy, spoiling your naps again!

  2. shawntae Post author

    I want to do this! My family does it sometimes but I have never joined in!! I should!!!

    He looks soo cute in his fall attire! I just love him!

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