Our Adventures with Eating

So if you caught yesterday’s pictures, Little Man has started eating some solid (well, as solid as you can call baby food) foods! Super Dad was anxious for him to have is first meal (pictured yesterday) so the big day arrived on September 5th and we started off on a bad foot when I overfed him and he had much tummy distress the rest of the day. I was scared off after that and we didn’t start feeding him again until his half birthday (like I’d originally intended!)

He’s eaten like a champ from day one! Seriously, way more food goes down the hatch than on the bib and he often grabs at his spoon and shoves it into his mouth! That’s my kid, a rocket scientist!!

So far he’s had

  • sweet pototoes – eats willingly but didn’t seem to really enjoy
  • summer squash – absolutely loves and wants more more more
  • banana – is weirded out that they are lumpier than what he’s used to
  • green peas and brown rice – ate willingly but didn’t seem to really enjoy
  • avacodo – I don’t think it was ripe because Super Dad said it was really bitter. This was our first experience with serious bitter beer face, fake coughing, and spitting it out. I have to admit that I tried to feed him more than I should have just because his reaction was so hysterical. Mom of the year, I’m not
  • Peaches – likes more than the green peas and brown rice, but not super thrilled

Next we’re going to try green beans and then apples and then I’m not sure where we’ll go from there. I have a bunch of jars of baby food to use up and then I intend to make all of our own food – I started him on the organic jarred food just to have some jars to store the food that we’ll make in. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel my Subscribe and Save subscription (which I signed up for to save an extra 15%) and so instead of 16 jars, I now have 32. Oops.

I was looking at the jarred food at Wal-mart just to get an idea of other foods to try with him and was HORRIFIED that they have macaroni and cheese baby food and other “junk food” sounding flavors.  I guess I thought at this age that we’re supposed to be trying to get as much nutrition and good stuff in them as possible to pave better rounded preferences for the future? Or is that a bunch of bull? Or the strawberry honey etc combos? Aren’t those foods we’re supposed to avoid before a  year? 5 Berry Medly and no information about whatthe 5 berries are?  So if they have an allergic reaction, we have no clue what caused it? Yep, feeling better and better about attempting to make his food for him!

I don’t even cook for myself (seriously, I make a sandwich and call it “cooking dinner”), so that should definitely be an adventure….

Ideas for more ymmy foods for an early eater to try? Good sites other than wholesomebabyfood.com to check out? Your kiddos favorite and least favorite foods? Fill me in, mommies!!

7 thoughts on “Our Adventures with Eating

  1. Amanda Post author

    Mine totally did the gag thing at babyfood pears. She looked at me like, “are you effing kidding??” and gagged and coughed and spit, then gagged again while looking at me. “Seriously lady?!”

  2. Sara Post author

    I’m still shocked at the things Pie will eat. I’ve yet to find something she refuses…including rutabega, parsnips, beets…she will eat anything!

  3. Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do Post author

    I like wholesomebabyfood.com too and I also go by my list our ped gave us. There are some serious allergies in my family so I make all of Max’s food to make sure I know exactly what he is getting.

    Making baby food is SO EASY. Basically, steam of bake still super soft, throw in food processor and add h2o. You can freeze in ice cube trays or Babies R Us has various kits. I like the cups w/lids so I can just bring that to day care without having to do much preparing.

    fee free to email me if you have any other questions. I’ve done a ton of research on this and talked with lots of moms who have made their own food!

  4. Cole Post author

    I did BLW ao I don’t have much advice, but I really like the Plum Organics pouches for on the go – YUM!

    Also, strawberries are one of the risky allergy foods if they’re raw, but the risk goes way down when they’re cooked – not sure why, but that’s what Mommy found out when she researched why there were so many strawberry flavored baby snacks (Puffs and whatnot).

    My pedi was SUPER laid back about introducing foods and said there was a lot of new research that indicates that waiting to introduce stuff might actually make an allergy worse; that said, definitely use caution if you have allergies in your family, but peanut butter is one of my favorite foods and shrimp are one of the few “meats” I’ll eat (Mommy worries sometimes I don’t get enough protein).

    Good luck!

  5. Joanna Post author

    Some foods that Ariella loves –

    We’re trying peas for the first time today (well, MIL is while I’m at work). Ariella has liked everything, except now she doesn’t like the cereal anymore – even when mixed with pears.

    Fun stuff – baby food!

  6. Jessica Post author

    I just wanted to say I love looking at your blog! We also live in WI and it was super beautiful last weekend..pretty nice this weekend as well!

    We aren’t making Gavin’s food, but we are using the organics and I love them (and so does Gavin)! I also do not understand some of the “baby” foods they have. Gavin’s 8 1/2 months and loves the Earth’s Best and Plum Organic pouches!

    Good luck on your food adventures! Love your blog. He’s a cutie!

  7. Colleen Post author

    Ugh Subscribe & Save. So useful, yet so annoying when forgotten about. I have 2 unopened boxes of 192-count disposable diapers that probably won’t get used before S grows out of them, since I’m mostly using cloth now that we’re home all the time.

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