Just Another Lazy Saturday

Today was a pretty lazy day around here. Mason took a two plus hour nap in the morning (and I napped 45 minutes of that!) and a good hour and a half nap in the afternoon. Combining that with the fact that I went to bed at the unheard of time of 9 pm last night, I was feeling pretty good this afternoon! I managed to get a lot of house cleaning done while Mason hung out in the Bumbo.

He was wearing the cutest, truest shirt EVERY today. I tried my hardest to keep a bib on him so it was still clean when SuperDad woke up to see it, but just in case, I snapped a few crappy camera phone pictures just in case we didn’t make it to 3:00

I also made him some applesauce and while it was cooking, I gave him his first “finger food” to nom on. Remember yesterday when I announced he got his first tooth a few weeks ago? Well the reason he’s been Satan Baby all week was made clear today. Tooth Two has joined Tooth One. So the apple slice became our test run of “put food in hands and see if it meets mouth.” He sucked on it and licked it, but when the dog finally got to it, it was basically still whole.

While I swept and mopped and cleaned counters, Mason hit his rattle on stuff and threw stuff on the floor.

We defrosted some homemade carrot baby food for supper. He wasn’t that big of a fan. Next time, I’ll actually use freezer bags to freeze them in. Oops.

And that was our day. Told you it was pretty boring!

Tomorrow we have swimming lessons and RIGHT after (bad timing) Mason makes his debut to Grandpa B’s side of the family at a 50th wedding anniversary party. Hopefully we’re not as absolutely exhausted after swimming lessons like we were last week or we’ll both be cranky and unsociable!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Lazy Saturday

  1. Cole Post author

    3+ hours of naps in one day? Way to go, Mason! I have a veeerrrry similar picture of me sucking on an apple slice at about your age – I didn’t swallow much of it then, either!

  2. MageeMommy Post author

    What a cutie!!! My little girl(3-1/2months) is already thinking about teething. I can see two little spots for her bottom teeth and she’s chewing on EVERYTHING. My little boy(now two) was much much later on getting teeth I think closer to a year so this is sooo different. Good luck with all that teething. 🙂 Love the carrot photo. LOL

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