Auntie Sarah is the Best (or Why My Baby Won’t Starve to Death)

So I cannot cook. When I say I can’t cook, I really mean that I CANNOT COOK. I once ruined a copper bottom pot boiling water. I peeled my first potato and first apple this week. Even if I make brownies from a box where I have to add two whole ingredients? Come out nasty!

I’m 27 years old and if my husband isn’t home (which is 12 nights a month) I live off of microwave meals and total junk food (although being pregnant really helped clean up my totally unhealthy diet) If my definition of cooking includes making a sandwich or pouring myself a bowl of cereal, how the heck am I supposed to feed another human being? One that assumingly, shouldn’t live off sandwiches and cereal until he’s at least in college!

Enter Auntie Sarah. She is like a younger, hotter, less criminal version of Martha Stuart. If you see something awesome in a magazine, whether it be a cake or a set of curtains, she can duplicate it. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure she finds my total lack of skills in the kitchen a little bit foreign.

Fortunately for us, she came through and saved the day when it came to my desire to only feed Mason homemade foods. No, she didn’t cook us a 4 month supply of baby food, but instead, she got us an awesome BabyCook!

Have you guys heard of this thing? You put your food in it and it steams it and then can chop it up to whatever consistency you want. And it’s totally idiot proof.

So far I’ve made carrots (see yesterday’s pictures LOL)

Sweet potatoes


(Omg, hot fresh applesauce is the yummiest thing in the world!)

And I can’t wait to make a million other things with it too! What’s great is that while it’s PERFECT for making purees, it can be used to make so much more than that and I’m sure we’ll be using it to steam foods and chop stuff up long after Mason outgrows his “I only consume mush” stage.

Thank you Auntie Sarah! I no longer have nightmares of trying to put a sandwhich in a blender and calling that Mason’s dinner!

7 thoughts on “Auntie Sarah is the Best (or Why My Baby Won’t Starve to Death)

  1. Joanna Post author

    Looks great! I thought about getting that. But, I didn’t – not totally sure why. I guess I just decided I didn’t want to go the all homemade baby food route, since things are so busy with work and activities, etc. I do mostly the jarred baby food for purees, but I also mash up avocado and banana (for home-made food). And, we just use regular applesauce and canned pumpkin. And, then we also do yogurt. So, it’s quite a variety. Congrats for going the all homemade baby food route.

  2. Britney Post author

    I was thinking about getting one of these too since Carson will be starting cereal, veggies & fruits after his 4 month checkup. Yay…only 2 more weeks! We try to eat as healthy as possible so we thought this would be great & it looked easy enough. Glad you like it. Might have to go pick one up!

  3. Leahan Post author

    You’ll have to let me know how you like it after a bit. That thing looks totally cool and since my cooking abilities are like yours, it might be something I want to invest in.

  4. Cole Post author

    You cook like Mommy! In high school, she set Grammy’s stove on fire boiling water (true story). That machine looks great!

  5. Jackie Post author

    i have to get one of these! people have gotten me the baby food cook books and some of the supplies but i dont have an actual puree machine yet. i love that this steams. *wish list!*

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