Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Swim Class & a Party

So Sunday we had a busy afternoon! We had swim classes at 1:15 and then we went home, cleaned up a bit, and went right to a 50th Anniversary Party for Mason’s Great Aunt and Great Uncle.

I had to wake up poor Mason from his (late) morning nap (oh hey, did I mention he slept in till 9:20 am?! It was an early Christmas miracle!!) to get him ready for swim class and I felt so bad because he’d just fallen asleep 45 minutes earlier. I technically should have gotten him up a bit earlier since we ended up being about 5 minutes late for class, but I didn’t want to wake him up at all – I’d even considered skipping the class!

We missed the first song at class, but quickly caught up considering the rest of the class consisted of basically no “instruction” at all. I know it’s an infant (and toddler) swim class, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so… basic. Other than singing Pop Goes the Weasel (where we threw the kids up in the air out of the water) and The Wheels on the Bus (where we moved them round and round or side to side) the instructor didn’t interact with us at all. I was really unimpressed – I could pay $2 and come to the pool on my own and have the same experience minus the other babies. But, on the more positive side, the other babies ARE part of the reason I signed up for the class – Mason loves to stare at them (and try to grab their eyeballs when we get close) and I wanted an activity to do with him on the weekend where I could potentially meet some other likeminded moms. And this meets both of those things. But last weeks “Now make them kick their legs… let’s try to have them float on their backs… Get their head a little wet” was much more what I expected than this week’s free for all.

One of the other babies had both of his parents in the water with him and that was a good thing because he was not having anything to do with the water this week and he cried through the whole class. They had to take turns taking him out and calming him down. I brought Mason over to cheer him up a few times, but that didn’t really work. Apparently chilly scared babies don’t find comfort in other kinda chilly babies.

There was still a lot of people on the sidelines taking pictures and shooting video, so hopefully SuperDad will come with us next week and get some pictures! Keep your fingers crossed!

After class, we rushed home, changed clothes, and headed to the anniversary party. Mason had napped through lunch and then went straight to swim lessons, so he was one hungry little boy by the time we got home! Because we’re all about multi-tasking, I sat in the back with him so he could slam a quick bottle on the way there. I’m so glad that I breastfeed and pump because I find dealing with bottles out and about so much easier than dealing with boobs.  I realize I’m more modest than most breastfeeding mothers, but it works for us!

The outfit I had planned on him wearing ended up not being a good idea – turns out the pants were actually shorts and it isn’t anywhere near shorts weather here anymore. So I put him in bib overalls and a striped shirt, in a salute to the Great Uncle’s many years of farming! I attempted to dress up myself and realized half way to the event that I was all decked out… and wearing dirty purple Crocs. I’d apparently slipped them on my feet as I headed out the door without thinking. Oops.

The anniversary party was Mason’s debut for that side of the family. The last time I’d saw any of them, I was 8 months pregnant and now here he was, 7 months old! (We get together for the big holidays, but there really aren’t any from March – October, ya know?) Grandma B had a great time showing him off to everyone and everyone had a chance to hold him… for 2.3 seconds before she snatched him back. It was kind of funny to watch. I enjoy events like this because I get to sit back, have some food, talk, and have Mason fawned over without having to do any of the “work.” Two arms free is nice every now and then!

There were a LOT of people at the party and it was pretty loud (before you think we’re baby abusers, “party” means a hall with dozens of tables and a big buffet, a photo slideshow, and lots and lots of people talking and laughing, nothing too wild) and Mason took it all in stride. He took in all the people, got handed around like a pro, and before we knew it, he was out cold in Grandma B’s lap. He didn’t even wake up when she handed him over to SuperDad and finally came to when we were outside strapping him into his car seat. I guess all the noise and excitement was no match for his need for an afternoon nap!

And if you’ve read this far, you’re probably ready for a nap too! Have a great day!