A Wee Bit Angry

So yesterday, I got to the daycare to pick Mason up and when they handed me his sheet (that let’s me know how much he napped, what he had for lunch, his diaper changes, etc), they pointed out a note on the sheet. The note says “It gets very cold here in the winter. Please make sure to dress Mason very warm.”

I raised my eyebrows and the daycare teacher went on to explain that he really needs to be dressed in multiple layers the rest of the winter and that it would be very uncomfortable for him otherwise.

Now last winter, when I enrolled him in this daycare, I was informed on my tour that it was pretty cool in the rooms because they had signed up for a heating program where the daycare was heated all night long and then not during the day and that the heat from the night was supposed to keep the place warm during the day. They were locked into using the program all winter long. I had gotten every idea that they were only still using it because they were locked in and that they discovered it was a bad idea because while it was nice and warm there after the heat shut off at 7 am or whatever, by noon, it was not nearly as warm, and by 4, not warm at all. I was okay with the fact that they’d tried something new and it hadn’t worked out. Live and learn, right? I didn’t think much more about it since Mason wouldn’t start there until mid-May.

But apparently, they signed up for it again. Is it just me or is it absolutely f-ing ridiculous that a daycare is on a budget heat plan that requires babies to wear multiple layers of clothing so their hands and noses don’t turn into ice cubes??? I mean, I know for a FACT that the baby room alone pulls in $1000 a week in tuition. And it’s the least populated room there. You can’t tell me that they can’t afford real heat. If it’s already quite chilly in there when it’s 35 degrees out, how is going to be when it’s -20!?!?

So, at this point in time, I’m looking at buying Mason an entire new wardrobe of larger clothes that he can wear over the top of smaller clothes that fit him right now (All of his current clothes fit fine, but aren’t designed to have 2-3 more layers under/over them) or finding him a new daycare that isn’t so friggen thrifty that they run with zero heat during the day!.

Part of me feels like I’m being ridiculous. After all, he’s one of 8 babies (and 50+ total kids) in this daycare and no one else seems to be too upset about this. But the other part of me says that I’m paying good money to this place and I shouldn’t have to send my kid there with three layers on just so he doesn’t freeze!! Do none of the other parents see this? Are they all angry like I am and afraid to say anything? Or am I just overreacting and should suck it up and buy him some big cozy sleepers to put over all of his cute long-sleeved outfits that I thought would be plenty warm for school?

Aargh, help me out here ladies. What would you do?

14 thoughts on “A Wee Bit Angry

  1. BalancingMama (Julie) Post author

    I think that is bizarre. Who heats only at night? Unless it is a state-of-the-art supper insulated building, the heat can NOT hold all day long. I would question the intelligence of the decision makers there, which in turn would make me worry about my kid’s health/safety there. Strange.

  2. Mama P Post author

    Oh No, that is all kinds of wrong! I would be pulling my baby out of there, that is a crazy system, I might understand that for the older kids, maybe. But not for babies and toddlers, they shouldn’t have to run around in layers all day. 1. It’s just not right. 2. too many layers, and they sweat, not enough layers they freeze. either way they won’t be comfy. I say instead of buying a new wardrobe, maybe look around for another daycare? That just doesn’t seem right.

  3. Cole Post author

    Wow, that’s horrible! I would try to talk to some of the other parents and see if any of them are concerned as well… and then talk to the staff/management and see if a solution can be found – it’s better to try to figure out a way to keep Mason in his current routine (assuming he’s happy there otherwise), than finding a brand new place – especially over an issue that might be able to be resolved.

    Good luck!

    Bottom line, I’d weigh how much you like them otherwise (is this the only concern or is it one of many?) against the price of some cozy pajamas…

  4. Kerry McCullough Post author

    That is ridiculous! For what daycare charges- that is just plain ripping you off to make a few extra bucks. It’s not middle school- this is a bunch of babies we’re talking about here. You just don’t let those innocent little angels get cold. That would make me super mad!!

  5. Cici Post author

    I’m gonna go ahead and ask…is this legal?! I’m not talking about their heating decisions, I’m talking about caring for children that are obviously not in a room that’s at a comfortable temperature. I do believe when I worked in a daycare centers that we had an “optimum” temp for the rooms. Maybe it’s just for star rating purposes, but a part of me really wonders if you could find some kind of law that requires daycares/preschools to make sure their facilities are SAFE and comfortable for the children and it doesn’t sound like them keeping off the heat in the winter is either. For me, that’s not a minor issue – besides the extra money to shell out for clothes, it’s just plain stupid that they don’t turn on the heat in winter. These are kids! Human beings! I think I’d throw a fit about it.

  6. Honey Mommy Post author

    That seems really strange to me and YES I would be upset about it!

    I don’t know what I would do other than dress him warmer or find another place?

  7. Leahan Post author

    That my friend is a licensing issue that you have every right and reason to be concerned about it. Here is the link to the state rule

    4. The inside temperature may not be less than 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Now 67 degrees is the lowest it can go, but I think that’s still a little chilly for my personal liking. I’d be concerned, of course this comes after we found out that Connor’s first daycare documented that they only gave him water to drink right after he turned 9 months! Major problem! Next morning I called the state and reported them and he never went back. And this was a reputable licensed daycare associated with a large church in town. After that my trust in daycares was and is totally gone, now I go totally with my gut. If something feels off I confront it right away and ask questions until the issue is resolved. And sometimes you just have know when to cut your losses and move on for the safety and well-being of your child. Sorry for the book!

  8. Melanie Post author

    Woah, that sounds a bit extreme to me. Seems like they could run the heat during the day and shut it off at night!! What if it were summer – 100+ degrees and they only ran the air conditioner at night? That would not go over well here down south!!

  9. Colleen Post author

    I personally would have a problem it would bother me enough to move my child. I know every business has to budget but I would hope my tuition paid for my child to be well cared for and comfortable.

  10. Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never do Post author

    Ugh! You live in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is FREEZING. I would mention to the director you aren’t very happy with this arrangement. I’m sure your not the only parent who feels this way. I would also “mention” in your conversation that if it gets too cold the state might be interested in checking in on them.

  11. LeeAnn Post author

    This is just wrong! And really, how do you know the other parents aren’t upset? Maybe they are. I have found (through experience) that a lot of people keep their mouths shut in order to avoid making waves with the people that take care of their children. (Obviously I am not one of those people. LOL)

    Even if he has three layers of clothes on, his face will still be cold and his hands. Babies can’t (and won’t) keep gloves on all day. Plus, he is going to be learning to crawl, walk, climb, etc., and none of that is going to be easy with a bunch of clothes on.

    You should definitely call the state. You should also tell them that unless they get out of that program, you are withdrawing Mason. Trust me, I know how hard it is to pull your kid out of a daycare, but you have to do what is best for him. You don’t want him freezing all day. Crazy!

  12. Joanna Post author

    Can you buy a $20 space heater from Walmart for them to use in his room? Seems like that would be cheaper than a lot of new clothes. Sounds ridiculous to me, though. I’m sure you pay plenty enough in tuition to cover adequate heating. Won’t his face, hands, and feet be cold if you just do layers?

  13. Jumping Jack Post author

    I guess I missed this post the other day!

    That is a crazy, ridiculous reason for not having heat during the day! I would be looking for a new daycare ASAP! And, he’s going to be crawling, pulling up and walking soon, which will be very hard for him to do when he’s dressed in a ton of clothes. Good luck with your situation. Seems that if the daycare is on such a tight budget, they should raise their rates a little – I know I’d be willing to pay a little more for heat.

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