Happy Halloween Everybody!

Between five costume changes, swimming lessons, and visits from the grandparents, there wasn’t much time for blogging today! Stop back tomorrow and Tuesday for some real Halloweeny updates! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got all the tricks and treats their hearts desired!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Everybody!

  1. Babara Platt Post author

    I am so sorry to have stopped by your friend’s blog and left a comment about following on the hop and not read about her hurting. There is no excuse for it.
    I am disabled, was in a lot of pain running around trying to do too many things today and should have done what you did – enjoyed the day with the kids.
    Please tell me who I owe the apology to so I can do right by her.
    I did read many blogs, I must have missed reading hers and I am sorry.That is not like me.

  2. Cole Post author

    So far, for costumes we’ve got the dragon and the penguin – can’t wait to see the other 3! Thanks for linking to my Halloween Parade!

  3. Emily K Post author

    Ok, so Penguin, Dino, or Cow – he is too stinking cute! Hope you enjoyed the holiday – it certainly looks like you did!

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