Weekend WON It!

So I almost didn’t do a “Won It!” entry for October because I didn’t win enough things to make it worth an entry, but then I had a magical day on Wednesday and received notice that I won FOUR things! Every time I checked my e-mail, there was more good news! I meant to buy a lottery ticket on my way home, but I totally forgot. Guess I won’t be giving out millions of dollars to my readers this week. Bummer.

The first thing I won was a $50 Gift Certificate to Cards Direct from Kiddies Korner Deals. This is awesome because we LOVE our photo Christmas cards and are actually pretty “famous” in our family for them – people are generally asking by February what sort of wacky thing we’ll be doing in our Christmas cards the following Christmas. This year will really be a challenge with 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a MASON to fit in the photo!!


Then I won a Simple Wishes Pumping Bra from One Frugal Lady. I’ve toyed with buying one of these since I was pregnant and just couldn’t bear the idea of spending more than $14 for a bra. (Yes, I buy all my bras at Target, what’s it to you? LOL) I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and was super excited to win one, even though I only have 4.5 months left of pumping (Side note: WOOHOO!!!) I was super impressed that I received the pumping bra in less than a week of winning the giveaway – now THAT is customer service!

So then we get to the magical day that was last Wednesday.

First, I get an e-mail from Cole’s Mom saying I won The Robot book over at Cole’s First Blog. Mason’s still in the “books are just for chewing on” stage, but I’m sure he’s going to love this once he gets Cole’s age! Thanks so much, Sarah!

Then I got an e-mail that I won a Large Tangiball from Discovery Toys over at Lucas’s Journey with SPD. Lucas’s mom just did a HUGE awareness event for SPD and some awesome giveaways from some awesome sponsors were a part of that awareness event. I feel very fortunate that Mason and I were able to win something through her efforts to raise awareness about SPD!


Then, are you guys ready for this?? I WON AN ERGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I finally won my much covetted Ergo! From the lovely Christa over at Little BGCG & His Mom Review It! I’m glad my work office is empty other than me for most of the day because I spent a LOT of time squealing over this on Wednesday!! Now before you all go “Oh my god, you win EVERYTHING!” please note that I’ve entered every Ergo giveaway on the whole world wide web since July, including one where I entered at least 400 times over a month long period. So it’s not like I have just one entry and my luck is THAT good…. But still, I am one lucky gal! I can’t wait to get my Ergo!

And then if that wasn’t enoough, a few hours later I got an e-mail from Darcie over at Gusta Gab Reviews that I won a $35 CSN Stores Gift Card. I’ve entered a lot of CSN Card Giveaways and I always say that I want to get Mason the deluxe Radio Flyer Wagon, but I think I’m going to buy some smaller stuff with this instead since Christmas is coming. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to put it towards a dog bed or Mason things. Hmmm….

Other than my quest for an Ergo, I haven’t really spent much time entering giveaways lately (which explains why I almost didn’t do an entry until Magical Wednesday came along) but since I want you guys to see what cool stuff is out there to win, here are some I just looked up that I need to find some time to enter and so do you!

A Levano IdeaPad Laptop

$100 Think Geek Gift Certificate

RCA HD Video Camera

$50 Amazon.com Gift Certificate

$100 CSN Stores Gift Certificate

Scentsy Warmer Giveaway

Apple iPod Touch

$50 Wal-mart Gift Card

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