Black Friday Mania

So everyone kept telling me I’m crazy for going out shopping on Black Friday and asking me for updates and I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly sneak such an entry into Mason’s blog, since, well, he didn’t come with and slept through all the action. But then I realized how I could tie it in  – A while back, I wrote about how Mason has taken over my brain. Apparently, Black Friday is no exception!!

First off, keep in mind that I live in a very rural area. The nearest “city” is population 8000 and Target/Kohls/Lowes/Best Buy/etc are all an hour drive away. So my crazy crowds and full parking lots are nothing like the crazy crowds and full parking lots of those cities of 500,000 people! It’s all relative! My crowds are HUGE for here, but for all I know, they are an average shopping day in NYC!

Black Friday is definitely my “big hurrah” of the year. I’m crazy cheap and rarely spend money on myself for things other than food, so I go kind of crazy on Black Friday -update my wardrobe, buy a gadget or two, get new bedding for SuperDad and I, and do a little Christmas shopping while the deals are awesome!

Anyway, I left the house at 4:50 am and my first stop was JCPenney. I go here every year to buy my “signature sweater” which is a sweater I have in a whole bunch of colors that is my standard work “uniform.” This year, I was excited that they came out with stripes and several new colors! I avoided the main checkout and checked out at the jewelry counter with no wait! I bought myself 5 sweaters and got Mason 4 outfits and 2 long sleeve shirts. Total savings of $149.

My next stop was the Imagination Station, which is a smaller locally owned toy store. After hearing Shawntae’s raves about these, I decided to pick one up for my niece. I figured this would be the place to go because I wouldn’t have to fight any huge crowd. I was in and out of the store in under 3 minutes and saved $6.

My next stop was Herbergers. I picked up 2 pairs of penguin socks, a down alternative comforter, and two sets of really nice sheets. I checked out clothes here for the Wee Man, but didn’t really see any deals that caught my eye. I waited in line behind one person and saved $218.

My next stop was Menards, which is similar to your Lowe’s or Home Depot (I think) My whole reason for going here was that they had GIANT dog beds on sale for $8. Dog beds of these size generally run around $70 in pet stores, so I couldn’t pass that up. Menards is one of the three worst (with Wal-mart and Shopko) for crazy Black Friday crowds, so I thought I was being smart by showing up an hour after they opened instead of at opening. The place was a crazy mad zoo with barely walking room and lines to the back of the store and it turned out that they opened later than I thought and I had arrived 15 minutes after the mayhem had started. I bought my pet bed (sold out in the color I wanted, but the color I got was fine), a shopping cart/play food set for Mason for $7 to store away till way down the road, lots of batteries (30 packs for $1.99, most of which will go into Mason things!) a tripod flashlight for my dad, a cat bed, two dog toys as gifts, and I picked up a bathroom scale and 2 tripod flashlights for a coworker. I ended up waiting in line for close to an hour here, but everyone around me was in a great mood and we talked about our dogs (everyone had those dang dog beds!) and the time passed at a fairly reasonable rate. End savings of $153 and my coworker tipped me for my services!

Last stop of the day for me was K-mart. I picked up 5 cute blanket sleepers for Mason, a box of chocolates for my father-in-law, a 600 thread count sheet set, and two picture frame collages. I checked out the Buy One Get One Free sale on Fischer Price Toys, but they were pretty well picked over by this point. I walked up and was greeted by an open cashier and was in and out.  Total savings of $109.

I was back home and relaxing by 8:45. Grabbed some breakfast, and went into work until 2:30 (I took a half day so I could shop in the morning and nap in the afternoon, before I realized there would be no napping because the daycare was closed). So three hours and 45 minutes of shopping and I saved a total of $629, or $168/hr.

In conclusion? Mason and I have a lot of new clothes, the dogs are loving their new bed, I’m looking forward to sleeping in all of our fancy new bedding, and I totally love Black Friday!!

Final Score
Me: 7 items
Mason: 13 items
House: 5 items
Critters: 2 items
Gifts: 4 items

WINNER? Mason!

3 thoughts on “Black Friday Mania

  1. Cole Post author

    Our local mall? Is the 4th largest mall in the world (or at least it was when it was built, Mommy’s not sure about now…). We live in a suburb of NYC, too – so we’re not IN the cut, but there are enough people that there is NO way you’d catch Mommy out on Black Friday. We prefer to wait for the online deals!

  2. LeeAnn Post author

    Whew! I’m exhausted just reading that post! You got some awesome deals! I really need to get a new bed for my dogs, so I’m definitely jealous of that one.

    I don’t do black Friday any more. I’m too old for that nonsense! We did end up at the mall looking for shirts for our pictures, but luckily I scored shirts for all of us at Old Navy and we didn’t have to go anywhere else.

  3. Joanna Post author

    That sounds exhausting! We bought our Christmas tree on black Friday, but we got it at night, so it wasn’t crowded. Other than that, we avoided the black Friday madness. 🙂

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