Down and Out

So this month has really been a crappy one for health in our house!

SuperDad has had a cold on and off all month.

I woke up with a bad cough on the 11th that I just couldn’t seem to shake.

Mason was diagnosed with pink eye on the 15th.

Mason was diagnosed with an ear infection and pneumonia on the 19th.

Mason finished his pink eye medication on the 22nd.

SuperDad came down with pink eye and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection the 28th.

Then I spent 4 hours in at the doctor yesterday and narrowly missed a hospitalization. Diagnosis? Pneumonia. Just in time for Mason to finish his meds last night. (His 3+ month long cough is nearly entirely gone though!!! Let’s hope it stays that way!!)

We all go for wellness follow-up visits next week. In the meantime, I’m home hugging my new nebulizer machine and a big bag of drugs. Sorry for the lack of updates (and more importantly, lack of comments on your blogs!) lately, but at least you now know why!!

7 thoughts on “Down and Out

  1. Cole Post author

    Oh, yuck. I’m glad everyone is on the road to recovery! Tip for pinkeye: if you’re sure that’s what it is, and it’s not causing you too much pain, you can treat it at home just with saline (you can get it in the contact lens section of the grocery store). I wouldn’t do that for Mason, but if you’re next, or SuperDad gets it again, it’s easier (and cheaper!) than heading to the doctor for a scrip. (Mommy was a teacher before staying home with me and did this at least twice a year. She’s not a doctor, though, sonuse common sense – if it’s a really bad case or seems to be getting worse or something, get thee to someone with a medical degree.)

    Anyway. Here’s hoping you’re all done with the sickies and can enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season!

  2. Jumping Jack Post author

    Oh man! It has been a rough month in your house. I hope yall all get to feeling better soon. We’ve had a rough week with Jack. Not sure what’s wrong with him, but I started some meds and he’s seeming to slowly get better. Praying for a quick recovery for us all!

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