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I’ve totally been sucking at this blog thing lately. Yesterday was supposed to be Photos with Santa, but SuperDad failed to e-mail me them until I reminded him at 5:00 and I didn’t see much point of posting an entry at 6 pm since most of ya’ll seem like me and do most of your blog hopping during the morning/early afternoon. So those just became Wordless Wednesday fodder and you guys were left with a big fat bowl of nothing yesterday. Sorry about that!

So let’s update you on some stuff that maybe you’re curious about:

Remember how the daycare told me to dress Mason in layers because it got really cold in there? Well, I decided to say “Screw that” and continued to dress Mason in what a normal 9 month old would wear at home in a Wisconsin winter. I figured if I ever felt he was the slight bit cold or they brought it up again, I could bring up the lovely state law that it must be at least 67º at all times and go from there. Well, I’m happy to say that it’s been a total non-issue. Wisconsin winter is here in full and we’ve already had way too many days with below zero temperatures and it’s never seemed the least bit chilly when I’ve picked him up and the daycare workers are wearing t-shirts, so I’m happy that that was a false alarm.

The milk machines are back up and full functioning. It seems like I’ll be popping 9 fenugreek and eating 10 lactation cookies a day for the next 3 months, but hey, it could be worse. I’m no longer having to supplement him with a bottle at all during the week and during the weekend, we’re almost there as well.

His last physical therapy appointment was two weeks ago. It’s become impossible to make him lay on one side of his head at night because he can roll and flop no matter what barriers we put up to encourage him to stay facing to the left. Duck tape would work perfectly, but apparently that’s frowned upon. It came as no surprise that he’s made no progress in his head shape in the last six weeks. His range of motion (looking right and left, turning his head in any direction that is normal for a human) is just fine and they felt that attending physical therapy wouldn’t do anything more for him at this point. After seeing his physical therapist every 2-3 weeks since he was 3 months old, we’re going to miss her!

This afternoon we go back to our pediatrician to check on his ear infection, which I don’t think has gotten any better judging by how much ear tugging is going on. We’re also going back to see if he needs to get into “early intervention” therapy and considering in the last two weeks, he’s added 3 “phrases” to his babbling, can walk several steps when we’re holding on to his hands, and can now clap “on command” I’m guessing it’s going to be a decent appointment. If not, I’m sure you’ll hear about it!

I think that’s it. If I’ve left you hanging about anything else, let me know!!

3 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. Sarah Post author

    Glad your milk machines are back up and running full speed. ha ha. Praying for his appointment. Sounds like he is doing pretty well.

  2. LeeAnn Post author

    I’m so glad that the daycare temperature ended up being a non-issue. I thought that was NUTS when you first posted about that.

    And I’m glad to hear that he doesn’t have to go to physical therapy anymore and that his range of motion is perfect. So what now, if anything?

    Let us know how his pediatrician appointment went.

    Merry Christmas!

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