1st Santa Visit – Wordless Wednesday 12/22

Our Santa experience was better than most. Sure, we got a confused look instead of a smile, but no tears, no screaming, and since we brought our own camera, there was no money out of pocket, and we only had to wait in line behind one family. Considering the line of people who were waiting to pay for their pictures was about 40 people long, this was AWESOME!

First visit to Santa? Totally a success. Yay Santa!

10 thoughts on “1st Santa Visit – Wordless Wednesday 12/22

  1. Cole Post author

    So cute! They won’t let you take pics with your own camera at our mall… But they’ll let you visit Santa without buying theirs – so at least when I freaked out on his lap, it was free. And we went early in the day so no line…

    I got a present in the mail yesterday – you are the SWEETEST! Please send Mommy your phone #, she really wants to call you. πŸ™‚

  2. shawntae Post author

    What a big boy he was. He is soo cute looking at Santa like who the frick are you?
    I was sooo scared Kingston was going to lose it. Our boys did sooo good!

    Awesome you didn’t have to pay! Ours cost quite a bit!!

  3. sofia Post author

    Love the last photo! Looks like your little one was trying to get Santa’s attention by moving his head around towards him!! So cute!

  4. Jenn Post author

    Awww, so cute. It looks like he didn’t mind Santa too much. I LOVE Santa’s fancy chair πŸ™‚

    Last year our daughter was 4 months old when she visited Santa for the first time. She didn’t even notice that we had put her on his lap…she was totally oblivious. Not so much this year πŸ™ Although I’m one of those sick people that find the crying photos kinda cute, so at least I have one now!

    Our mall doesn’t allow you to take your own photos. Not that it mattered this year anyway since the camera battery died exactly 1 minute before going to see Santa. Another place I was at this year would let you take your own photos IF you were going to buy one too (???!).

  5. amylee Post author

    that’s awesome you didn’t have to pay! ours makes you wait forever to pay $20 to get a crappy shot. probably why we still haven’t done it. super cute!

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