Christmas “Morning” in Pictures

We had a great 1st Christmas with the little man.

Super Dad had to work Christmas Eve into Christmas morning, so our Christmas began at about 1:30 Christmas afternoon. Good thing Mason is so young because heck, even I was getting impatient after staring at the big pile of presents all morning long!!

I’m saving some of my favorite pictures for Wordless Wednesday, so we’ll jump right into the present opening!!

He chucked his first present and then decided he better go get it. Silly boy.
What’s in here??
Buzz is a very funny kitty!!

Not all presents were such a hit…

Please call CPS asap
Opening his stocking
So sad it was over!!
We took a LOT of pictures, so I’m sure that’s what my posts this week will revolve around. Mason made out pretty good – we made a point of not getting him too much “stuff” because we knew Grandma and Grandpa would go wild and go wild they did!
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and we can’t wait to read about how all of his baby friends did on their first (or second) Christmas!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas “Morning” in Pictures

  1. Colleen Post author

    Ahhh you took such great pictures! I didn’t take ANY of the opening because I was video taping it, talking to John over the webcam, and opening the presents themselves. (The Munchkin would just pet them so they made crinkly sounds, lol.) I had the camera ready to take pictures, but forgot until it was too late. 🙁

    Oh well, at least I have the video!

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