The Appointment

So if you’re not one of the 10 people who read my post the other day, last Wednesday we took Mason to our clinic chain’s headquarters a few hours away to see about getting him a helmet for his plagiocephaly aka mis-shapen head.

I was quite worried about the drive. I remembered it being 3 hours each way (I went there weekly a few years back for medical problems of my own) but apparently my memory fails me because it was 2 hours each way. Woohoo! Still, 2 hours in a car with a 9 month old, plus a two hour wait between appointments? Ugh!

But? My little man ROCKED it! Actually, he slept it! He slept all but 20 minutes of the drive there (which is A-MA-ZING considering he’d only woke up for the day an hour before we left!) During the break we warmed him up a bottle with the world’s slowest car bottle warmer and then proceeded to walk around the world’s smallest Target. And on the way home, he was asleep before we ever got out of the parking lot and woke up a few miles from home. I couldn’t have asked for a better ride!

So we met with the helmet specialist and they put him in a stocking hat (literally a stocking) so his head shape was better defined under his duck fluff and then they took a computerized xray of his head which enabled us to see more precise measurements of his head. The amazing part? The digital measurements were within .3 mm of our physical therapists “tape measure and calipers” measurements! So his head shape has a variance of 9.3 mm. In the specialists experience, insurance will only cover 12 mm+ (not the 10 like I’d read online) so that sucks. On the bright side, the helmet and all the follow up is about $1000 less than I had read, so that’s a plus.

After that appointment and our trip to Target, we settled back into the waiting room for our wait. Decided it was time for WeeMan to have some sweet potatoes and as soon as the spoon neared his mouth, they called us in! Just figures that the one time we’re early and expect a wait, we don’t get one!

The neurologist agreed with our assessment – yes, it’s not “medically required” according to insurance but with our family history of baldness and the fact that we don’t want to have a 16 year old who hates us because we could have done something and didn’t, we should do it. She also said he’s severely developmentally delayed since he’s not crawling yet, but we’re continuing to ignore that racket. What is with these people?

ANYWAY, once we get denied by our insurance, they will order his helmet based on the measurements from Wednesday and we’ll get it in about ten days. There isn’t anywhere around here that can make adjustments, so we’ll be making the trek back down there two weeks later and then monthly after that. I’m hoping to have this done and over with by late May, but we’ll see – it all depends on how much growing and changing his head does!

Is it bad that after I watched him hit his head on the wall, the humidifier, and the tv tray table several times yesterday that I thought “Well, it may be too late for really rapid change, but hey, at least the helmet will come at a good time for falling a million times learning to walk!” *staying positive*

16 thoughts on “The Appointment

  1. Amie Post author

    I’m glad the driving and the appointment went well! Besides the fact that insurance won’t cover it. Big BOO to them.

  2. Sarah Post author

    Stinks that insurance won’t cover it. Praying everything goes well and you can get it fixed soon.

  3. Cole Post author

    So glad the drive went well – and so sorry I missed the original post. See? The ONE time I clear out my whole Google Reader, I miss something important!

    My cousin had plagiocephaly and wore a helmet for a while (from about 7-11 months maybe?) and it didn’t seem to bother her. I don’t know here measurements or anything, but I know her parents were pleased with the results.

    “severely delayed” for not crawling at 9 months?! What? That’s crazy!

    Keep us updated – I hope by some miracle your insurance approves it so it doesn’t have to be out of pocket!

  4. Joanna Post author

    Glad the appointment went well, but sorry the insurance probably won’t cover the helmet.

    Ariella is only now starting to crawl (but she can only go backwards) at 10 1/2 months. I didn’t think crawling was a real milestone anyway.

  5. Sara Post author

    OK so if he’s bonking into things, he can’t be too far from crawling… but to say “severely” delayed?” Whoa, lady!

  6. Brandy Post author

    Glad everything went well. Praying for an insurance miracle for yall!

    And I wouldn’t worry about Mason not crawling either. I’m no medical expert, but I do know that all babies develop at different rates and I have a few friends whose kids walked before they ever crawled.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Terri Post author

    Wow! I can’t believe his head is only 9 mm off! Kennedy was 12mm and I could barely see it, so I bet it’s not as bad as you think it is!

    I agree about doing it so they won’t hate you as a teenager. It’s such a hard choice, but in the long run, I think we’ll be glad we did it!

  8. Joanna Post author

    I’m glad the appointment went well & sorry about the insurance not covering it. Insurance companies are terrible!

    I would do the same thing as you and purchase the helmet out of pocket. I bet it will help & he will thank you later 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  9. Allyssa Post author

    They said that he is SEVERELY developmentally delayed because he isn’t crawling at 9 months? Uh yeah, how about not? My daughter just started crawling at 8mos. . . And even then, not all babies crawl, period. My husband never crawled on all 4’s. He did a lazy army crawl with 1 Army.

    Gah – Sorry that made me mad. He’s perfect and he’ll do it on his own time. 🙂 You’re doing good mommah!

    As for the helmet – I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. So hopefully it’ll work for him!

  10. Sara Post author

    Just getting caught back up…I’m glad the trip and appt went well. Stinks about the insurance, but it sounds like the helmet will be a really good thing.

    Also how can mason look so cute with a stocking on his head?!

  11. Ellen Post author

    Sounds like the trip went well. Little guy is pretty adorable with a stocking on his head. And he’s a lucky little guy that you are willing and able to do this for him. You’re good parents for doing it.

    And the delayed thing is crazy to me. Babies do things at such different times, and sometimes totally skip “milestones.” When I was a baby the doctor was worried because I wasn’t sitting up or crawling at 9 months. Then, at 10 months I sat up, crawled, pulled myself up and walked all within two days. Boom. I also had a friend growing up, who ended up being an exceptional runner, that didn’t walk until 16 months. Babies do things when they want to and we can’t force them. 🙂

  12. Allie Post author

    I promise you that not crawling at 9 months does not equate to “severely delayed”. I don’t remember exactly when my typically developing child was crawling (bad mom) but I really don’t think it was as early as 9 months. I would not worry about it just yet!

    On a sidenote, he seriously needs to be a baby model. He is so gorgeous!

  13. Helen Post author

    I wouldn’t have known there were any issues with Mason’s head. I’ve just been back to look at more photo’s and I still couldn’t see, even when I was specifically looking, so I’m sure whatever problems are there will be easily sorted.

  14. Jean Post author

    My oldest had a helmet too. It was before I started blogging but some day I plan on writing a post about our experience. It was a good one and we were thrilled with the results. Stay positive!!

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