Breakfast at Perkins

So on Sunday, Mason finally got to sit in a big boy chair at a restaurant instead of in his car seat.

It wasn’t that we didn’t think he was ready before, we just eat IN restaurants very very rarely (takeout is our friend!).  The last time I was in a restaurant with Mason, it was 2 months ago when he fell asleep right before we got to Red Robin.

Anyway, as babies tend to do, he spent his entire time throwing everything he could on the floor. Cereal? Sippy cup? Napkins? BOOM onto the floor they went.  He was also very interested in another family that hat had a young kid and a baby. He stared at them for a long time. It was pretty cute!

Being that it was his first time out of the house with the helmet, I was a bit nervous. While I plan on being all “let me educate you about this” when people make remarks, it was still too new and, I don’t know, raw to me, and I was worried someone would make a rude remark and I’d either fly off the handle or burst into tears. I was so worried that I almost didn’t go out, which is not like me at ALL (I love public speaking, talking to strangers, etc) but in the end, I’m glad I did. No one said a word, other than “Aww, he’s so cute!” Imaginary crisis averted!

He had his first taste of pancakes (thanks Auntie Sarah!) and breakfast potatoes, which he ate way more of than I thought he would. But mostly? He threw things on the ground.

I do have a question though – who the heck sits in these high chairs? The seat belt adjusted to it’s absolute smallest size still could have fit three Masons!! Total safety fail! One would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to make a seat belt that fit children of a range of sizes, not 4 year olds to obese adults (that would never fit in the high chair!) Is this pretty common in these wooden restaurant chairs or did they just have a reject one?

All in all, considering we were there for nearly two hours, he was pretty much a champ! It must have wore him out because he was asleep in the car before we got out of the parking lot!

6 thoughts on “Breakfast at Perkins

  1. Cole Post author

    Oh my gosh – the last time Mason was in a restaurant was 2 months ago?! Wow! Mommy doesn’t cook so we go out a lot, especially if Daddy’s busy… We go to small, casual places mostly, like Panera or whatnot.

    I know you’ve said you live in the sticks, but I think helmets are becoming common enough that at least some people have an awareness of what they are for. I can’t imagine anyone nasty enough to make a rude comment (about a baby? Really?).

    I LOVE pancakes, especially blueberry ones!

  2. Terri Post author

    Hilarious! We just had Kennedy in one at a restaurant today and I had to stuff my mom’s purse behind her to keep her in!

    Mason is so freaking cute in his helmet. I hope K looks that adorable!!!!!

  3. Ellen Post author

    Oh man, I understand the throw stuff on the ground game! I kind of want to create some sort of bungee to attach everything the baby touches to him so that I’m not constantly picking things off the ground…like a pacifier clip but for sippy cups and napkins and everything else he touches. I did bring out little guy a toy to amuse him recently, and realized that clipping it to one of the highchair bars with a link helped tremendously. At least with the toy. Everything else still ended up on the ground. 🙂

  4. Allie Post author

    All restaurant high chairs are horrible. I always end up pinching little legs in the buckles.

    Now I want some Perkins breakfast potatoes…..

  5. Joanna Post author

    We don’t go out to restaurants much anymore either. Ariella has only sat in her car carrier the couple of times we’ve taken her. That’s crazy about the lap belt. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to get the size range right. Sigh…

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