Five Fingers of Thanks Friday


I’m thankful for the sound of Mason’s laughter. Whether it be little giggles, a full on belly laugh, or his mad scientist laugh (which makes us laugh hardest of all) I love how he laughs when he’s excited about dinner or laughing at a hound squeaking a toy.

I’m  thankful for the wonderful relationship Mason and his Daddy have. SuperDad is the light of this boy’s world and has been since day one.  The sight of them playing together, Mason laughing so hard, and the nights when Daddy rocking him to sleep is the only thing that gets him to stop crying warms my heart.

I’m thankful that sleep has returned to our house. For four long miserable (for everyone) nights, 8+ wakeups a night were the norm and we all began our day exhausted. The last two nights have been much better and I think we’re all starting to feel more human.

I’m thankful that anti-kids Auntie Sarah (who was my co-conspirator in all things anti-children before I myself got knocked up…) loves Mason and even puts up with him when he cries allll the way home (an hour drive) from what’s suppose to be a relaxing shopping trip. On multiple occasions.

And I’m thankful for an awesome job that allows me the time to leave work early, come in late, run to appointments whenever necessary, pump whenever I want (and not in a bathroom!), and blog while at work. While I won’t be buying any vacation homes in Hawaii any time soon, the freedom I have here and the ability to take care of my kid when need be is such a weight off my shoulders!

6 thoughts on “Five Fingers of Thanks Friday

  1. Lisa @ Two bears Farm Post author

    While pumping isn’t exactly fun, it sure does make a difference to not be holed up in a bathroom (or a supply closet for me a few times) while doing it!
    Glad you’re getting some sleep!

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