Reading Time Tuesday #2

This week, I dropped the ball more on reading to Mason. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, I read him several books while he played on the other end of the room and basically ignored me, so I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count. Hmmpfh.

This week’s top reads were Barnyard Dance, Eight Silly Monkeys, and Guess How Much I Love You. The book slamming wasn’t bad this week but only because he was too busy trying to crawl away to slam them shut *sigh*

Mason also discovered how to pull up on his book shelf and knock down half a dozen books with one swoop of his arm. This wasn’t quite the book loving development I was looking for! This did allow him to find the adorable dog shaped book that his Auntie Sarah bought him last Easter and he has been having fun carrying that around!



As for me, I finished the 5th book in my 40 in 40 challenge – I read The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Picoult books. They suck me in and I enjoy them up until the last chapter. I HATE her endings. It’s like she always picks the most outlandish thing to happen (usually the main character randomly tragically dying) and then says THE END. It just totally seems like a cop out way of ending the story. I’m still slogging through (probably a bad sign) The Great Penguin Rescue and just started Putting Away Childish Things last night.

Geez, look at that… If I was half as good as reading to Mason as I have become reading to myself, we’d be in business!

So, what did you guys read to your little ones or by yourself this week? And if you didn’t join us last week – what are some of your favorite books to read with your little one??

7 thoughts on “Reading Time Tuesday #2

  1. Ellen Post author

    Mason sure looks like an adorable little bibliophile next to his shelf of books!

    Eliot’s favorites are Mr. Brown Can Moo and Hop on Pop. Good old Dr. Seuss. His interest in books definitely ebbs and flows. And even when he’s cuddly and interested in a read, he still spends a lot of time trying to get the book in his mouth. Then the pages get all crusty and, well, ewww.

  2. Allie Post author

    Sarah Hazel has insisted on a nightly reading of The House that Jack Built. She has it memorized now so she reads along with me. So cute!

  3. Sara Post author

    We love Barnyard Dance, really all Boynton books. The big non-Boyton ones right now thought are The Pout Pout Fish and Ping Pong Pig. Both are fantastic. And we end every night with the Going to Bed Book.

  4. Cole Post author

    I love Barnyard Dance, too! My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE (which Mommy hides when she can stand it no longer) is Freight Trains by Donald Crews. I have a few animal peek-a-boo books that I read a lot as well.

    I book slammed a LOT for a long, long time – and sit still long enough to actually read anything? Not likely. Somewhere along the way, though, I became a book lover. I am constantly choosing stories from my basket and climbing onto the couch to make someone read them to me – keep at it, Mason will get there! AND seeing you reading is a good thing, too, so don’t feel guilty for not reading TO him as much as reading NEAR him – it’s important for him to see you modeling literacy skills and enjoying the printed word. (That’s Mommy’s teacher voice coming out there, sorry.)

    Mommy owns My Sister’s Keeper but hasn’t gotten the chance to start it yet – Grammy Boo loves Jodi Picoult.

  5. Lisa Post author

    Even you if you are justing read out loud around him he is hearing the words, which is good for him My son is obessed with reading books..we love Boynton’s books.

  6. Sarah Post author

    So adorable!! It is so hard at first but he will get used to it. Dustyn loves reading now, but wouldn’t site still at that age.

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