How Come No One Told Me…

that 10 (and 11) month old’s have tantrums????

I seriously 100% thought temper tantrums were a part of the “terrible two’s” and probably began in earnest around 18 months. Imagine my horror and dismay as I watch Mason scream and cry and throw himself on the ground and kick his feet and turn red in the face over the slightest thing.

I remove him from the dog bed that a dog is laying on? Freak out!

I take away a spoon full of food that I’m trying to get into his MOUTH? Screaming and head beating!

I walk out of his sight when he’s feeling clingy? He wails like he’s being murdered!

I seriously thought that laying on the floor screaming and kicking feet was reserved entirely for kids in grocery stores and pre-teen girls. Not my little baby man.

I can’t even count on both hands (and feet) all the times that this little boy threw himself on the floor in a sobbing tantruming mess this weekend. OMG, someone tell me this isn’t a “phase” that really will last for the next three years!!

9 thoughts on “How Come No One Told Me…

  1. Sara Post author

    Pie does that too…little stinker! I have my fingers crossed that it’s a phase!! Otherwise my wine intake is going to rise rapidly 🙂

  2. Ma What's For Dinner Post author

    It’s a phase, that lasts on and off for the next 20 or so years. Or at least the next 6 which is as far as we’ve gotten so far. 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet words about our dog, Guinness. Hearing everone’s words of encouragement and sympathy is really helpful.

    I hope you’re having a happy President’s Day!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner

  3. Allie Post author

    I noticed that the tantrums started when Sarah Hazel was first starting to really communicate with us and would get mad if she could not get her point across. That was just before her first birthday!

    Cameron has yet to ever have a full blown tantrum. I hope he’s not saving them up for when he’s bigger and stronger =(

  4. Jackie Post author

    Not just 10 month olds. Grayson is only 7 months old and the tantrums are out of control. He will look at me and yell if he isn’t getting his way.

    It’s frustrating but how do you control an infant? I am hoping they grow out of it.

  5. Mama P Post author

    I agree with Alex ^^, they will last forever. Maybe they just gradually get lighter as they get older, lets say after 20? Oh tantrums how I loathe thee. My husbands grandma will actually get down on the floor and tantrum with the kids when they start it. It is the funniest thing ever, stops them right in there tracks.

  6. LeeAnn Post author

    Haven’t you ever read my blog? LOL If you had, then you would know that tantrums do indeed start before 12 months. Terrible twos generally start in the second year of life, but I guess both of my kids were “advanced” in that department. You just have to learn to laugh. I took something away from Bryce the other day and he started crying so hard that he couldn’t even breathe. It was the end of his tiny little world. I just laughed to myself while I ignored his little spectacle. He eventually stopped.

    I just can’t believe your little angel Mason has tantrums. No way! 🙂

  7. Cole Post author

    Oh, Mason is usually so cheerful and smiley!

    Have you started watching the baby signing time videos with him? Mommy found that I had WAY less tantrums once I could communicate what I wanted, where through sign or spoken words. I still don’t always get what I want – and sometimes not FAST enough – but Mommy at least knows what I’m trying for…

    My tantrums have evolved too – now I sort of just lie down and be angry, rather than screaming, which is a *major* improvement.

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