If I Were Abducted…

The mother on Mission to Mars was abducted and her 9 year old son quickly realized how much he needed her! I’ve talked a lot on here about how Mason is definitely a Daddy’s boy, so at first, I was like “Eh, if I was abducted by aliens, Mason wouldn’t miss me at all!” so in a self esteem lifting exercise, SuperDad and I made a list together of things that Mason would miss if I ended up on Mars.

In no particular order:

1) The Boob Milk – this little boy has known no other food other than boob milk since he came home from the hospital. If it all went to Mars, he would be very very sad. Granted, we have quite a freezer stash, but without me around, that would disappear quickly.

2) He would miss bathtime with me. SuperDad and Grandma are all business at bath time. Scrub rinse and out. I like to give him ample time to play and he loves that!

3) Matching outfits – if SuperDad dressed him every day, unless it was blue pants with a blue shirt, his clothes would never ever match. Heck, yesterday Grandma J dressed him in jean pants, a swirly spotted shirt (that was meant to go over another shirt) and a striped bib. I know nothing about fashion, but this was scary!

4) He would miss being worn. The baby carriers mean that he’s about to go on an adventure and I can’t convince SuperDad to use them. He’d be stuck in his car seat in the store instead of hanging out in his Ergo carrier!

5) He’d miss our bedtime routine. There is something about me putting him in his Woombie that he just loves. He generally gets zipped up with a giggle and a clap when I put him to bed (him doing it, not me) and gives everyone else “wrestling a greased pig” combat moves.

6) He’d miss all my silly songs. At least I hope so. I like to sing about everything – from diaper changes to what he’s eating for dinner. Then again, even the cats run away when I sing, so this might not be something he would miss!!

7) He’d miss being an internet celebrity!! There would be no Adventures of a Wee Mason Man without me! Who would help him tweet with Cole and @eatsleeptwit if I wasn’t around? No one, that’s who!!

8) He’d miss out on getting the best things for the lowest prices. I research everything endlessly and when I finally make a decision, I then spend way too much time finding the best price. Most others walk into Wal-mart and buy the cheapest doo-dad there is and I read reviews and comparison shop to make sure that we’re getting the best bang for our buck. This will help his college savings, RIGHT?! (Or maybe I’m just neurotic!)

9) He’d miss the fun experiences that I think he should have that no one else thinks are “quite right” such as swim classes! I’m sure he’s already looking forward to our adventures this spring – after all, I tell him all about them all the time while trying to convince SuperDad that yes, he’s old enough to enjoy the aquarium and yes, I think he’d like a bike trailer!

10) He’d miss playing with my cell phone and cereal bowl. Who needs fancy toys when your mommy lets you play with everything she touches that won’t kill you??

Yes, I am pretty certain that Mason would miss me if I was gone after all. AWWW!!

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5 thoughts on “If I Were Abducted…

  1. Cole Post author

    I’d miss you, too! What is it about Daddys and difficulty with dressing us? My daddy put my shows on the wrong feet AGAIN the other day – Mommy didn’t notice until after we’d been at the Please Touch Museum for hours!

    Swim lessons sound like so much fun – Mommy wishes she could find some near us that fit into our schedule.

    And the aquarium? You’re *definitely* old enough to appreciate it!

  2. Colleen Post author

    The world needs Mason posts & tweets!

    Ha, I saw this contest and was like “Um…” too. The Munchkin would miss me because I’m the only one taking care of him!!! :-/

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