Plagiocephaly Update

So Tuesday was the big appointment day where I was hoping that we’d get all sorts of answers  – how much Mason’s head has improved, how much longer he’d have to wear the helmet, the whole shebang.

Well, that’s not quite what happened. Basically, Dr G measured his head with the tape measure, saw there was less than 2 mm of growth in his head circumference, shaved a small pokey piece off his helmet, played “give me five” with him, and sent us on our way with a “see you next month.”

He did say the flattening on the back of his head  (which has improved since I posted on Thursday) is not that bad and is more likely noticeable because we were use to his head coming to a point off to the side so of course as his head re-shapes, it’s going to look strange to us along the way.

So yeah, total bummer. I really had high hopes for good news and possibly an end date. But I totally get it – the success of the helmet is based on any new head growth growing into the flat area which is why the helmets work SO much better/quicker when they’re 4-6 months old because growth is nearly daily as opposed to 2 mm in a month…. So we’re shooting for a scan on the 29th now. Fingers crossed.

11 thoughts on “Plagiocephaly Update

  1. LeeAnn Post author

    Bummer. But at least there was no BAD news, right?

    You need to dress that helmet up some and make it rock! Can you put some stickers on it? 😉

  2. Carol Post author

    He’s adorable! Well, you are making progress even if it is slow progress. Just out of curiousity have you heard of Crainal-Tech? They have a band system and it’s supposed to get good results. I’ve heard that children that don’t respond quickly to the helmets often get better results with the band… I am cluess when it comes to this stuff, but just thought I would throw that out there 😉

  3. Shawntae Post author

    that is so good to hear. He is so flippin cute and i love his little outfit with the lion on the bum!

  4. Colleen Post author

    I agree with LeAnn that at least there wasn’t bad news? Still would have been nice for the light at the end of the tunnel to be turned on.

  5. Mama P Post author

    I was just thinking about you! I wanted to stop in and see how you and Mason were doing. I always hate those kind of appointments, where you go in hoping and expecting some news, but it’s pretty much nothing. From the sound of things it didn’t get worse, so that is a definite positive! I hope you get somes news on the 29. Keeping fingers, toes crossed for Mr. Cutie! <3

  6. Cole Post author

    No news is good news? I’m sorry you didn’t get a more detailed progress report… Crossing fingers to hear really great news next month!

  7. Christie Post author

    I am sorry there was no news. My daughter have several months with very little change. It was SO frustrating. I have my fingers crossed for your on the 29th!

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