Featured Friday

So nothing exciting from Casa De Mason to report, so I figured I would report some exciting things my friends have going on!

First off, I mentioned it the other day, but Mason’s favorite Auntie has started her own jewelry business! Her creativity astounds me and I swear she’s coming out with 20-30 new pieces every week at least!. I already own two of her necklaces, 2 bracelet, and just bought my mom some earrings. She just did her first home party last weekend and is doing some shows later this month. I’m so excited for her! Check out her stuff on etsy.


And then earlier this week, my Twitter buddy Colleen launched an awesome shop full of the most ADORABLE vintage baby clothing. Colleen’s husband is over in Afghanistan right now, so buying from her shop is like supporting our troops, right?? You guys have to check this stuff out! If you’re looking for one of a kind items for your little one, this is the place to go!


And then there is my co-worker’s wife who has turned her love of cute headbands and hats for her 15 month old daughter into her own business. If you’ve got a little girl, you have to check out My Bloomies


And lastly, my friends Sarah and Cole are participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies. This 5 mile walk takes place at the end of April and they are committed to raising $500 for families who have preemie babies. I spent basically the first year of my life in the hospital, so I really appreciate programs such as the March of Dimes and think everyone who has a baby or loves babies should support this worthy cause. So throw some money their way!


So there you have it folks – it’s Friday, maybe you just got your paycheck – it’s time to spread the love!

5 thoughts on “Featured Friday

  1. Cole Post author

    Mommy just looked at me funny… like she was picturing a big flower on my head! Daddy would have some things to say about that, though, so she’ll have to wait for someone to actually have a girl so she can buy pink and ruffles and princess flowers to her heart’s content.

  2. Colleen Post author

    AAAHHHH HOW DID I MISS THIS POST?? Oh, I know… I haven’t been keeping up with blog reading AT ALL. 🙁 I’ll have to edit my LPV Update post to include this entry. Thank you for your support with everything!

    Also… *cough*Afghanistan*cough* ;P

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